Wetterlings Hudson Bay Axe – Hand Forged Classic

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The Hudson Bay Axe by Wetterlings of today is forged by Rikard Jansson, one of the skilled blacksmiths at Wetterlings Axe Forge in Storvik, Sweden. The axe is made of Swedish Carbon Steel and the bit is hardened to 57 Rockwell C. This is harder than most Hudson Bay Axes on the market. 2 ½ pound head, total weight 3 pound with handle, hickory handle overall length 60 cm (about 23″). Delivered sharpened and with a sustainable leather sheath.

SA Wetterlings are one of the few “proper” Worldwide Axe producers left. They produce very high quality, hand forged products with unbelievable cutting edges made from top quality Swedish steel. SA Wetterlings Axes are impeccable quality and we highly recommend them as they are simply producing some of the best designs on the market today.

The Hudson Bay Axe has a slightly heavier head than the Outdoor axe with a slightly longer handle which is made to fit for both one and two hand use. The two-hand use makes it possible to chop with a greater force making a more universal product than its smaller brothers. With the Hudson Bay Axe you can chop down fairly large trees and is simply a great all rounder.

As the name suggests it is modeled after a historic axe and the design is a tried and trusted one and was fundamental tool for survival in the New World. The Hudson Bay Axe by Wetterlings of today is forged by Rikard Jansson, one of the skilled blacksmiths at Wetterlings Axe Forge in Storvik, Sweden.

The Hudson Bay Axe is also good for limbing, if you need to sharpen a stick or chop some wood. It is ideal for Bushcraft and living the traditional life in the woods, where forest, wood, axe and fire are intertwined.

The Hudson Bay Axe fits in a large back pack, but can also be carried in your belt. It is fitted with a high quality hickory handle and comes with a leather sheath.

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Customer Reviews

Beautiful Hudson Bay style axe

 on January 18, 2016
By Marthastoo
I purchased this axe to use for splitting firewood at home and for camping, small enough to carry in your pack but large enough to get a full swing while splitting wood. It came very sharp and can shave paper, but not hair so not as sharp as the gransfors bruks on delivery. Wetterlings quality throughout.

Solid axe

 on August 14, 2017
By amazonian
This is a very good axe, the head is a heavy, serious piece of steel. A little honing and the axe is sharp. It is, though,a bit heavy for the length and shape of the handle, giving it a slight unbalanced feel. For my hands, the handle is is too thin over all and especially at the palm swell, thinner than the handle of the W. Hunter’s axe which I also have and really like. But, it is worth buying in the first place for the head itself.

Its great my Axe head was not lose like others have …

 on January 24, 2018
By Amazon Customer
Its great my Axe head was not lose like others have said. the Sheath was not great but they worked it out with me. I used it to night to cut down 4, 10foot trees 2, 8foot trees and cut 2, 3foot poles for my Baker Lean-to I will setup the lean-to tomorrow the Axe is great I wish Wetterlings did not go out of Business.

Da bomb

 on January 29, 2018
By Jennifer Nolan
A beautiful axe, I had to get one before they were gone. It came as promised, nice hickory handle with ideal grain orientation (fawns foot is on the smaller side), and a well forged sharp head with excellent style! Sure, the hudson bay style may be more prone to head losening because of the small cheeks, but do you want your axe to look good or work good? That’s what I thought…I already have an axe that works good, it’s called a chainsaw.

Best axes ever Wetterlings hudson bay axe!

 on July 20, 2017
By Daniel gaither Sr
Fit perfectly in hand for almost ever task the only thing that I can fault it with is that the fawns foot or palm swel at the handles end is not big enough for me. Fit and finish is perfect edge is shaving sharp my hope is now that GB has bought Wetterlings they will keep making these great axes.

Four Stars

 on January 25, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Most excellent aze, an heirloom tool.

Very happy with axe

 on June 6, 2016
By Amazon Customer
Very happy with axe. Grain is very tight and near perfect in orientation. Head is very tight to handle and sitting right at the shoulder. No gaps visible on top or bottom. Comes with a wooden wedge and no metal wedge which I thought odd, but I guess is how they do there Hudson bay model, easy enough to put one in yourself if uncomfortable with that I guess. Blade came free of any nicks and was paper cutting but not quite shaving sharp. The head does feel heavy for the length of handle but if you want to have something to fit in a pack that can do some serious work this would be the way to go. It is closer to a splitter in shape than a chopper but can definitely be used for both. Just a great do just about anything axe. The reason for four stars is the sheath. Its fits a little loose and comes unsnapped with a strong gust of wind. The leather itself looked a little dry and the cuts were a little sloppy looking. Overall very happy with the purchase.

Five Stars

 on March 2, 2016
By Jeff-ADK
high quality, very sharp. wood is also high quality and fitted well.

I have several Gransfors Bruks axes and I consider these to be excellent in design and finish and basically in every way

 on April 28, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I bought this axe recently and have not had a chance to use it very much yet but here are my first impressions: