Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe

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Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe Review

Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe is a more professional axe, ideal for felling larger trees and for limbing a felled tree.

The Gransfors Bruks Forest axe is forged to a curved bit, making it suitable for cutting into fresh, resinous wood such as spruce or pine. The long handle also gives more power to the cut. It is the finest hand made Scandinavian Forest Axe in the world that still comes with a 20 year warranty!

Gransfors Bruks Forest Axe
Long handle also gives more power to the cut.

The axe is everything you would expect from a Gransfors Bruks axe. The alignment and finish are perfect. It comes with a nice leather sheath. Everything seems to have been well thought out and checked before the axe was put on the market.

The Scandinavian Forest Axe is a serious tool. It has a much more substantial feel than the Small Forest Axe, although it is still light enough to be carried in a backpack or used with one hand when carving. This size axe however is towards the high end of what I would consider carrying in a backpack over an extended distance.

The Forest Axe is for those who want to limb a felled tree in a traditional way. The axe is forged to a thin, curved bit and sharpened to make it suitable for cutting branches in fresh, resinous, spruce or pine wood. The long handle of the Scandinavian Forest Axe gives extra strength and power to the cut.

Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe

Gransfors Bruks axes are forged by professional blacksmiths that take great time and effort in their trade. The proof of this professionalism is in the way they are able to forge axes with such precision and beauty. There is no need to stone, grind, smooth or paint the axes in order to eliminate imperfections. At Gransfors Bruks, the forging crafter is allotted sufficient time to complete each axe or hatchet with the care necessary. The smiths do their best forging right from the beginning in order to produce the finest axes and hatchets in the world.

Gränsfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe Model #430 specs: 3-1/2″ face, 25″ hickory handle, Head weight — 2 lb, full grain-leather sheath, The “Axe Book”, 20 Year Product Warranty