Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE Sharpening Stones System

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Tri Hone Sharpening Stone

Smith’s Tri Hone Sharpening Stone system features a medium Arkansas stone, fine Arkansas stone, and coarse synthetic stone mounted on a molded plastic triangle with handles on the end for easy stone rotation and easy-to-read stone identification.

A budget friendly whetstone system from the reliable Smith’s brand. Utilizes superior Arkansas stones.
Budget friendly whetstone system utilizes superior Arkansas stones.

Smith Tri Hone Sharpeners sturdy molded plastic base has nonskid rubber feet for safety, “V” trough to catch the oil drippings, and is easy to clean. A bottle of Smith’s premium honing solution and a sharpening angle guide are also included.

Three sharpening stones in a single tool (view larger).

Includes premium honing solution.

Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas Tri Hone Sharpening Stone System At a Glance: Three Arkansas sharpening stone

Molded plastic base with nonskid rubber feet

Sharpening angle guide ensures correct angle every time

Premium honing solution cleans, protects sharpening surface

“V” trough catches the solution

Sharpening Instructions Tri Stone Sharpening System

Put a small amount of honing solution on your Natural Arkansas Stones. Don’t use a lot of lubricant as a small amount goes a long way. Using a natural stone without a lubricant or water will damage and clog your stone. It protects the stone and the cutting edge of the knife or tool by washing away the particle of stone and metal created during the sharpening process. If necessary, water can be used as a substitute.

To insure the proper sharpening angle on your knife, place the yellow Smith’s angle guide at the end of your stone. This shows you the proper angle we recommend to use in order to obtain the sharpest edge. Next, place your blade flat on the angle guide at the end of the stone. Now you are ready to begin the sharpening process.

Push the blade away from you just like you are trying to carve a thin slice off the top of the stone. Don’t be afraid to use pressure against the Arkansas Natural Stone while sharpening since it will not damage the stone or your knife. Repeat this pushing stroke three or four times. Remember, try to keep the same approximate sharpening angle all the time, since this is the key to obtaining the sharpest edge.

To sharpen the other side of your knife, simply place your blade at the opposite end of your Smith sharpening stone and repeat the above steps, but instead of pushing the knife away from you, pull it towards you. Continue to sharpen until you feel that your blade is truly sharp.

Care of Arkansas Stones

Arkansas sharpening stones became world-famous for their ability to produce a sharp edge on a metal blade.  The unique crystalline structure of the quartz gives Arkansas stones their superior honing abilities.

Cleaning your stones will keep the pores free of stone and metal particles. After each use, the Arkansas stones should be cleaned by scrubbing vigorously with water, liquid soap, and a stiff nylon brush.

What’s in the Box

1 Course Synthetic (400 grit)

1 Medium Synthetic (600 grit)

1 Natural Fine Arkansas Stone (Approx. 1000-1200 Grit)

Customer Reviews

Knife sharpening Comparison

490 people found this helpful.
 on September 30, 2012
By Dr. Who
I always wondered which knife sharpener is the best one to get. So I went ahead and setup a test. I just bought a new set of the following sharpeners from Amazon. This is my test:

Five Stars

6 people found this helpful.
 on January 31, 2016
By EdgarMJ
Blades are good as new! Awesome product!

A little work and your blades will be sharper than new!

 on August 29, 2013
By Morgan Smith
Finding that honing was no longer doing the trick, I allowed a co-worker to use an electric sharpener on a couple of my knives. I was unhappy with the results I got, so I began my search for a decent stone or set of stones. This was the first sharpening stone set I’ve purchased. I’ve occasionally used a different Smith’s stone a co-worker owns and found it to work very well with little effort. Being new to doing my own sharpening, the included angle guide is a welcome addition to the package. Culinary work I do involves some pretty heavy knife work, and this sharpening system keeps my knives in shape so the blade does the work for me. You truly have no appreciation for how sharp a knife should be until you’ve used a nice sharp knife and realized yours are lacking, and that change can happen fairly quickly.

Works well, quality product, but a bit small for larger knives

 on November 17, 2016
By J. Larsen
Works well, though best for smaller knives and multi-tools. Used it on our larger kitchen knives and you have to be careful not to run them off the edge of the stones because they are fairly narrow.

Smith’s system works!

 on March 5, 2015
By Slim Jensin
I’ve been around restaurants since I was 9 years old. My Mother and Aunt were both professional Chefs ao I kind of grew up around cools and bartenders. I went to Chefs school to get the paper that said I was a professional Chef and took a 3 year apprenticeship to become a journeyman baker while I was in Chef’s school. I retired after I had back surgery. Then I discovered that I no longer had access to the sharpening system that most restaurants have. So I bought this sharpening system at Amazon. I am very impressed by the Smith Tri-Hone system It’s not as big as I used at the restaurants but with a little adjusting I found I could sharpen my knifes as sharp as when I worked in the industry. The little piece of plastic that gives you the correct angle to sharpen at is the only thing I found wanting in the kit. It’s so small that it was damn near impossible to use. Other than that 4 stars for the system. Well worth the money.

Lookin’ "Sharp"…Get It?

 on March 21, 2017
By CoolStoryBro
…Wow. This sharpening stone did not disappoint me in the least. It has all the stones you need to get even the smallest of pocket knives sharper than a razor. Not only that, but I can tell this will last me for quite some time, as long as I take care of it. Which I most certainly plan to the way it’s taken care of my knives. Just use the HON 1-4 OZ Honing Solution by Smith’s, and this beauty will see you through the dullest of blades. Thank you, Smith’s!

Does it’s job but needs anti-slip base.

2 people found this helpful.
 on January 23, 2016
By NetNerd
It is very convenient having three different grit sizes available that are quickly changed. The stones do an excellent job. The important thing that is missing is a way to better attach it to a table top. A suction device or some sort of velcro or rubber anti-slip bottom would be a definite improvement. I would definitely buy again and am trying to figure out the best way to keep it from moving as I am using it.

I spent about 45 minutes starting on the medium stone and ending on the fine stone and the blade seemed to have a nice …

 on November 2, 2014
By timwoo
I bought this to fix the edge on my pocket knife. I am cheap so I had been sharpenning it by laying 1500 grit sand paper on a flat sanding block, but it wouldn’t hold an edge for more than a week of regular use. I think it was because the block was hard rubber and would deflect as I put pressure on the blade (don’t sharpen this way). I used the angle guide because I Figured my cheap redneck ways had probably ruined the edge angle on my blade. I spent about 45 minutes starting on the medium stone and ending on the fine stone and the blade seemed to have a nice edge that would slice paper. The edge has held up for about 3 weeks now with regular use, which is a big improvement. It takes time and practice to hold the angle consistent as you slide down the stone, but with some effort this seems to work.

Nice product, looks good too!

 on January 18, 2016
By great laker
Works well though I think it is better for smaller knives. For the larger carving knives I do not use the base. I take the stone in hand and work the stone against the knife as opposed to the knife against the stone in the base. Seems to work well though care needs to be exercised. I like the looks of it too so I fastened the base to the top of my wooden knife block. Looks like it was made to be part of the knife block. I just used a couple of magnets that I glued onto the top of the block and the bottom of the sharpener base. Pops right off and does not use any extra space on the counters or in the cupboards.
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