Silky KatanaBoy Professional Series Folding Saw

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The Silky KatanaBoy is a two-handed, professional, heavy-duty folding saw with a 19-4/5 inch blade. Can easily compete with a chainsaw. Compared with the Katana, the legendary Japanese samurai sword, it is the largest folding saw on the market today. The long, well-balanced, taper-ground blade with an impulse-hardened, non-set tooth design provides extended working reach, faster cutting and handles large limbs and trunks with no effort. The non-slip, two-handed, rubberized cushioned handle provides a sure and comfortable grip even in the most difficult operating conditions. Silky KatanaBoy Professional Series Folding Saw is suitable for serious tasks like cutting large timber and tree trunks. Exceptional design, strength, balance and superior finish quality. Comes with a sturdy nylon shoulder bay with Velcro fastening and a pocket for replacement blades.

Make quick work of serious cutting tasks with the Silky KatanaBoy 500mm Folding Hand Saw. Its well-balanced, impulse-hardened blade sports a non set tooth design that cuts through limbs and trunks with little effort. Non Slip, two-handed rubberized handle provides a sure and comfortable grip. Ideal for clearing trails, cutting timber, pruning and more. Includes nylon carrying case. Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. Imported.

The non-slip, two-handed, rubberized cushioned handle provides a sure and comfortable grip even in the most difficult operating conditions. Suitable for serious tasks like cutting large timber and tree trunks. Exceptional design, strength, balance and superior finish quality. Comes with a sturdy nylon shoulder bay with Velcro fastening and a pocket for replacement blades. Made in Japan.

Silky KatanaBoy Professional Series Folding Saw Technical Features:

19 4/5″ (500 mm) blade length
46 3/8″ (1,185 mm) overall length
26″ (665 mm) folded length
4 teeth per inch (5 teeth per 30 mm) teeth configuration
2 pound (920 grams) weight
Comes with black carrying case made of strong synthetic fiber
Security screw protects against accidental opening or closing of the blade
Product applications include pruning & trimming, lawn & garden, construction
Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

Customer Reviews

Better than a chain saw!

 on March 30, 2017
By WinterArcher
Better than a chain saw, cool as hell and a clean cut.

The best hand saw I’ve found.

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 on June 26, 2014
By Jon R. Herman
I just ordered two more of these for work and have used them while working on a professional trail maintenance team. These saws are excellent for cutting any logs from 4″ diameter up to 18-20″ diameter (but have an axe and wedge handy) as well as limbing and cutting heavier brush such as vine maple; and I use them along with crosscut saws in wilderness areas. They are great for doing oddly angled cuts and undercuts, where a crosscut would be difficult or impossible to use. I can’t say enough good about the Katanaboy saw. It is an amazing, efficient, light-weight tool and I highly recommend it.

Very useful niche item with significant drawbacks

 on November 20, 2017
By John Thomas
I own a business that does wilderness trail construction and maintenance, and it’s ended up being a very useful niche item for maintenance. When we’re doing maintenance we carry a handful of cutting tools. A smaller gyokucho pull saw similar to this, a bowsaw, a pulaski, and a crosscut saw. Routinely before we got this, we’d have blowdown sizes that are too big for the gyokucho and bowsaw, but small enough the crosscut turns into a pain in the ass. It’s expensive and I don’t much like the folding action design (especially since you’re closing the blade onto your fingers), but the blade is very durable. It’s awkward to use on stuff under 6″ in diameter and it’s heavier than our smaller pull saw, but if you’re doing trail clearing or cutting wood >6″ but <16" it's a solid and useful purchase.

A different way to cut trees

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 on June 13, 2014
By Daniel P. Schwee
My wonderful Homelite 1978 chain saw finally failed, but instead of replacing it, I bought the Katanaboy. It probably takes 5 times the effort to cut than the chain saw, but, considering there is no setup, starting, fueling, oiling, and noise, it’s a pretty clean and quiet way to handle most of my tree cutting chores. If you’re cutting down a large tree, or many many smaller ones, then a chain saw is better, but if you have the occasional 10 inch limb to saw up, then the Katanaboy is ready to go to work without any carb adjustments!


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 on April 21, 2016
By Tony DeRenzo
I typically don’t write reviews but I had to this time. This saw is amazing! I purchased it for cutting firewood while hiking and camping. Though it is a bit pricey, it’s worth every penny. Everybody that sees it is awestruck and has to try it out. I literally won a battle of man vs. machine…I cut a 6×6 post before my friend could start his chainsaw. First he laughed but when he saw I was going to beat him, he stopped trying and held the post for me. Aside from moving it back and forth it is totally effortless.

I cut a 14 inch diameter tree with this. Probably will try a larger just to test it.

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 on January 5, 2015
By MonLifeStrolling
Pure awesome! Cuts better than a Stihl Chainsaw I have used. I would recommend this to anyone trying to cut trees up to 14 inches in diameter and smaller and are trying to save money from purchasing gasoline, repairs, oil and so on. This is also a great way to keep fit. The teeth work perfect. No tension on the pulls, unless you try to hard. The key is to let the saw do it’s job, rather than forcing it.

Very aggressive cutter

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 on July 17, 2014
By Thomas P. Griggs
This is my third Silky saw, Pocketboy-Bigboy-Katanaboy. I keep this saw handy for occasional quick large cuts, like a tree across my long forested driveway. It is much more efficient than even a premium axe in most circumstances, making cuts through 10″ limbs or trunks with out me breaking a sweat. The very aggressive teeth are an impressive piece of engineering. I also use it for harvesting firewood that is dangerously positioned for approach with a chainsaw, e.g. climbing off the ground, imbalanced footing or working overhead. With the Katanaboy-Bigboy combination (along with a good forest axe) two people can take apart a 8″-10″ oak in similar time as a chainsaw would require. The forest axe is needed for some limb removal and for making and hammering wooden wedges that prevent saw blade binding in some circumstances. The quiet of using the Katanaboy over the chainsaw is a plus. I know that in a hard chance the Katanaboy-Bigboy-Axe could sustain my family’s firewood needs over the usual 5 month N. Florida winter. I also bought the special file for sharpening, though they are still razor sharp after a season of moderate use. Wipe the teeth clean after each use with an old toothbrush, and wipe lightly with linseed oil to prevent any oxidation.

easy to carry and besides cutting through 12" log that …

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 on February 7, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I do volunteer work for several back woods trail associations and along with a crosscut saw I also take this tool. It is light weight, easy to carry and besides cutting through 12″ log that have fallen across a hiking trail, I have had need to use it to rescue a cross cut saw that became pinched in a log. Also because of its size and/or weight, I have found that on numerous occasions a need to use it to under buck logs. I have been using this saw now for 2 years and I have strongly recommended it to peers.

This saw is amazing! By far the best saw I have ever …

 on August 30, 2017
By Jeffrey Metropolis
This saw is amazing! By far the best saw I have ever own. It folds up and fits in my camelbak when mountain biking. I use it to the keep the hiking and biking trails clear of fallen trees. I am able to cut through trees 12″ in diameter in only minutes. Also great for cutting down smaller trees at ground level and not have to worry about ruining the blade like a chainsaw. Highly recommended!

A chainsaw without the weight, noise, and maintenance!

 on April 11, 2017
By Rezlab92
If your looking for a handsaw but want the performance of a chainsaw then look no further! This saw has the capability of cutting a 6 inch diameter tree down in five strokes with little to no effort! I had the opportunity to use the Silky KatanaBoy today cutting down tree that ranged from 4inches to 10inches in diameter. Never once was i out of breath. The teeth on the blade are extremely sharp so i recommend that the user wear gloves. Every cut whether it be hard or soft wood was real smooth and no binding of the blade. The cuts on the wood felt as if they had been sanded down! Thats how smooth this thing cuts! If you want a saw thats perfect for trail clearing or cutting down decent sized trees for firewood then look no further than Silky! Very high quality and will buying from them from now on!