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Amazon Price: $79.31 $79.31 (as of December 16, 2017 9:19 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Husqvarna Small Splitting Axe is best suited for basic splitting of “fireplace” wood. The blade is hand forged and made of high quality Swedish steel. This method increases the density of the steel, thereby also improving the axe’s durability.

The durability of this small axe is really good. Its head weighs about 2 pounds and it comes with a 20 inches long handle which is perfect for a small axe. The handle is made out of wood so you would not experience any breakage/cracks or anything similar because this axe has one strong and solid handle, overall, the durability of this axe is amazing.


The design of Husqvarna Small Splitting axe is perfect. It has a very nice looking handle which has a little curve in it to make the axe look very good. The blade of this small splitting axe looks very nice as well. It has a vintage look in it as well as a sleek and stylish look. Not many axes have the unique look this small axe has. If you are looking for a simple, yet nice looking axe, this one is for you.


The Husqvarna small splitting axe has a lot of abilities, it can chop small branches of trees and it can be very helpful for you when you go to a camp fire. You can fit this axe on the outside of your backpack, it wouldn’t fit inside your backpack because its 20 inches long, but its a small object and very easy to carry. It was also chop off big branches/stems of trees, but since its a small splitting axe and designed to do small tasks, it’d take a lot of efforts to chop thick pieces of wood with this axe.


Overall, this little splitting axe is brilliant -a best small splitting axe choice. Husqvarna Small Splitting Axe can fulfill your small gardening needs and it would provide you with the ability to collect a lot of wood to keep yourself warm in the harsh winter. You can fit this axe in very small place because its length is only 20 inches. It weighs only 2 pounds, so even a kid can lift and swing it, although its highly dangerous to let a kid handle a splitting axe like this. We recommend this small splitting axe.

Customer Reviews

This is a great, heavy hatchet for it’s price

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 on March 10, 2015
By Shane M.
This is a great, heavy hatchet for it’s price. The steel is top-notch for the price. If you’re unfamiliar with carbon steel, do your research prior to buying any hatchet better than a Chinese import, as this axe may not be for you.


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 on May 22, 2016
By Deans
This is a fantastic axe for the money. Out of the box, it doesn’t compare to my Gransfors Brux but I didn’t expect it to. The handle isn’t as smooth and would cause quick discomfort to your hands if used as-is. Also the blade was ground very coarse and without much care in comparison. The Swedish forging seems to be great however which is all that matters. After an hour of perfecting the edge and sanding the handle and working in some linseed oil, I am thrilled to have made this purchase. It also came with an excellent sheath which I almost like more than the sheath that came on the Gransfors.

Best quality at a superb price.

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 on December 30, 2014
By sunscreen318
This is my first hatchet, and probably my last, because I don’t think I’ll ever need another one. This has a Swedish hand forged head which takes a keen edge and keeps it even after hacking your way through a bunch of ash logs. The handle comes with a light coat of oil on it, not varnish.

Awesome quality, perfect size for backpacking with a group of people

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 on June 29, 2015
By Aaron I
Short version: if you want to go backpacking with a small group of people, or on your own and don’t mind a bit of weight, get this. It will be everything you want it to be, and it’ll outlast you if you treat it right. I bought this at $58. Every other axe of comparable size and quality costs several times more.

Best axe for the money by far

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 on September 23, 2014
By Nakmuay
I’ve really become a fan of these Husqvarna axes, I now own the Carpenter’s axe, the multi-purpose (“forest”) axe, & the hatchet. All are extremely well made, especially for the money, & if you can’t afford a gransfors & bruks like me these will do just fine. These are on a whole different level than condor, Collins(new), Council & the like. This particular axe came very sharp (I had to sharpen the forest axe), & the grain orientation was great (forest axe had pretty bad grain, but it’s luck of the draw I guess). I would DEFINITELY recommend this axe!

Excellent quality and value.

 on July 3, 2017
By Randy Fried
Vary high quality camp hatchet. The weight of the head and blade profile cause it to cut like a much larger ax. Swedish forged ax steel – if you are familiar with it you know – if not it would take a small book to explain (the Gransfors Bruks ax book). I have 2 gransfors bruks, the foresters ax and the camp hatchet. They are the pinnacle, but this little hatchet is surprisingly close in functional quality; just not as refined as to edge etc. Excellent value for a quality tool that may be in the family for generations.