Husqvarna Hatchet Hand Forged Small Axe

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Husqvarna Curved Handle Hatchet

You will not find a better Scandinavian hand forged steel head hatchet for the price!

Husqvarna Hatchet is a great little hand axe,  good ergonomics and a nicely  forged steel blade.  The 13 inch hatchet is great small axe for firewood, camping and garden work.  I think this small axe would make an excellent survival hatchet, too.  I hope that they continue to make them this way.

Who makes Husqvarna Axes?

Some axe lovers boast that Husqvarna makes axes as good as the epic Swedish hand forged Grandsfors axes.  That’s a pretty impressive claim. Actually, I learned they are forged by Gransfors for Husqvarna. The Husqvarna hatchet is the real deal.  The axe head steel was superb hand beaten quality. Axes must be forged of soft steel so they don’t shatter while chopping.

Quality Swedish Made Hatchet

Hatchet comes with a leather sheath to protect the edge during storage.  Feels great in your hand and better when you swing it.  The small axe hatchet makes bush craft chores go fast.  The hand forged axe is attached to the carved hickory handle using both a wooden and a steel wedge to secure fastening.

Perfect Camp Hatchet

Husqvarna Curved Handle Hatchet includes: 13 in. Curved Handle Hatchet – 576926401, Leather Sheath, Hickory handle and Swedish steel construction for durability.

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 1 x 6.5 inches ; 2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Item model number: 13" Hatchet

Customer Reviews

This is a great, heavy hatchet for it’s price

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 on March 10, 2015
By Shane M.
This is a great, heavy hatchet for it’s price. The steel is top-notch for the price. If you’re unfamiliar with carbon steel, do your research prior to buying any hatchet better than a Chinese import, as this axe may not be for you.


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 on May 22, 2016
By Deans
This is a fantastic axe for the money. Out of the box, it doesn’t compare to my Gransfors Brux but I didn’t expect it to. The handle isn’t as smooth and would cause quick discomfort to your hands if used as-is. Also the blade was ground very coarse and without much care in comparison. The Swedish forging seems to be great however which is all that matters. After an hour of perfecting the edge and sanding the handle and working in some linseed oil, I am thrilled to have made this purchase. It also came with an excellent sheath which I almost like more than the sheath that came on the Gransfors.

Awesome quality, perfect size for backpacking with a group of people

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 on June 29, 2015
By Aaron I
Short version: if you want to go backpacking with a small group of people, or on your own and don’t mind a bit of weight, get this. It will be everything you want it to be, and it’ll outlast you if you treat it right. I bought this at $58. Every other axe of comparable size and quality costs several times more.

Best axe for the money by far

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 on September 23, 2014
By Nakmuay
I’ve really become a fan of these Husqvarna axes, I now own the Carpenter’s axe, the multi-purpose (“forest”) axe, & the hatchet. All are extremely well made, especially for the money, & if you can’t afford a gransfors & bruks like me these will do just fine. These are on a whole different level than condor, Collins(new), Council & the like. This particular axe came very sharp (I had to sharpen the forest axe), & the grain orientation was great (forest axe had pretty bad grain, but it’s luck of the draw I guess). I would DEFINITELY recommend this axe!

Excellent quality and value.

 on July 3, 2017
By Randy Fried
Vary high quality camp hatchet. The weight of the head and blade profile cause it to cut like a much larger ax. Swedish forged ax steel – if you are familiar with it you know – if not it would take a small book to explain (the Gransfors Bruks ax book). I have 2 gransfors bruks, the foresters ax and the camp hatchet. They are the pinnacle, but this little hatchet is surprisingly close in functional quality; just not as refined as to edge etc. Excellent value for a quality tool that may be in the family for generations.


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 on August 19, 2016
By LiteningKid
Great product for the money. The handle grain orientation looked good and it seems to be boiled linseed oil treated already. There were some rolls on the edge; but they were very tiny, not a show stopper. Nicely weighted. Not so heavy that you don’t want to carry it to a camp site but, heavy enough to split wood with a couple of strikes. For the intermediate/beginning camper, you won’t go wrong with this one. For the price, you can afford to make mistakes with it, with out breaking the bank. Purchase another sheath. The one it comes with does not protect the edge well. I think it’s intent is to protect you or your pack from the edge.