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Hunted Forest Tracker T-3 Hunting Bowie Knife

The Hunted Tracker Knife is a replica Tom Brown Tracker knife from the Hunted movie.  Fixed Blade Hunting Knives design offers a thick and functional unit originally designed for intense labor purposes.

The Hunted Knife design has two cutting edges are featured for reliability and flexibility. Stainless steel is used for a high quality material. This tracker knife has a serrated upper spine. The full tang is a single piece that spans through the handle. Full sized Wooden grips are finished camo and three Allen-type bolts hold each grip secure.

The Hunted Knife for Sale has so many functions it meets criteria for a machete, hatchet, wedge, knife, and striker. The Hunted Tracker T-3 comes with a stiff nylon sheath and can be fixed to the belt.

Tracker Knife Features

The Hunted Knife for Sale
Fixed Blade Hunting Knives

The Blade…

Chopping Blade: The forward blade is used for chopping, fleshing game or scraping out a bowl.

Quarter Rounder: The hook can be used to round woodwork, arrow shafts, tarp pegs, and acts as a control edge when using the Tracker as a draw knife.

Draw Blade: The flat blade closest to the handle is effective for slicing, use as a draw blade for fine shavings or any carving task.

Notcher: The teeth in the spine, the “Saw” area does not make an effective saw but it does make an excellent notcher for traps, shelters, cord catches, etc.

Wire Breaker: The first tooth in the Notcher is cut deeper than the others, you can use this to bend and break barbed wire and fencing if needed.

Drill Tip: The drill tip can be used to making divots for a fire drill socket, or making the start for a bowl or other container, the sharp point is also good for starting a hole for skinning game, spear point, etc.

The Hunted Survival Knife Specifications:
Overall Length: 11 Inches
Blade Length: 6.25 Inches
Blade: Tracker Style, Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness: 4.0mm
Blade Width: 2.39 Inches
Handle: Full Tang, Three Bolts
Grip: Wooden, Camo Finish
Features: Serrated Upper Spine
Sheath: Stiff Nylon, Black

The Hunted Forest Tracker T-3 Hunting Bowie Knife is perfect for bushcraft


Product Details

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  • Origin: ¬†China
  • ASIN: B00A3BDY9U

Customer Reviews

Solid strong tracker knife.

2 people found this helpful.
 on October 4, 2016
By FMC777
I am not a knife expert but I can say this.

Very nice knife for the money.

 on June 29, 2017
By komboa
After biding my time for months, I finally bought the replica version of the Tom Brown Tracker. When it arrived, I was surprised to find a knife with very good workmanship. Not perfect, and certainly not the 275 TBT original, but not bad. It was sharp, had a nice handle, and my only real complaint was the crap sheath, which I immediately slapped some black duct tape on. Problem solved. I like the weight, and the design of the knife. It looked badass in the movie “The Hunted”, but is much better in person. This thing is a functional knife, not a movie prop however. It is serious, and I would advise you that if you’re considering it, just go ahead and by one.

Actually, I was surprised

 on July 6, 2017
By Eric A
Cheap and worth every penny, LOL. Yes, the sheath is crappy, yes it’s made in China, yes it’s a knockoff. But for the money it’s a pretty good tool that you wouldn’t mind losing. I keep mine stored out in the patio so I always have a blade ready in the yard for cutting things. I ran mine through a Worksharp sharpener and was pleasantly surprised by how sharp an edge it took. The odd “two-blade” design makes sharpening this thing tricky if you don’t have a belt or at least rods of some sort. I find the design peculiar, to say the least, and there is NO way I would spend the money to buy one of the “real” ones.

Amazing Company

 on April 19, 2017
By anonymous
Am writing my review based more on Armory Replicas than the knife itself.. The knife itself is a 4 star and is a pretty good chunk of steel that is worth the money itself, so don’t be upset when it comes in a crap sheath.. Lol So my issue was my knife was apparently lost in the mail somewhere.. Armory Replicas was really good about communicating with me and trying to resolve the issue.. They beared with me through all my anger and frustrations of the situation very patiently which Actually says alot.. Lol Armory Replicas Carry’s exceptional merchandise with More than exceptional customer service.. Will recommend Armory Replicas to anyone looking for decent merchandise at a very fair price and continue to do my buissness with them long into the future..

Great beater knife for the dirty work.

One person found this helpful.
 on November 23, 2015
By i8aborg
Fantastic knife for the price. Bought this knife with very low expectations, but it has turned out to be a performer for its price range. Ive chopped tons of downed branches around the property, dug in the dirt/garden, and generally thumped on it half expecting some sort of failure because of what I payed. It’s taken all the abuse with no signs of structural failure so far. This is a great general purpose tool/ knife for the home, garden or campsite that you won’t mind jamming in the mud. Bottom line, it’s great to do all the dirty work you don’t want to do with your more expensive knives.

incredible knife at this price – Realtree camo handle

 on June 7, 2017
By B-man
Eventually, I’d like to pick up the ‘real’ Tracker, but in the meantime, this will hold me over nicely. I was surprised to see that Realtree camo was used for the handle. This was a particularly nice touch.


4 people found this helpful.
 on February 16, 2013
By cindy y. deng
I love this knife, it has a great weight to it and quite frankly looks badass. Its really nice for the price and looks just like the actual “Tracker” by Tom Brown Jr. It comes very sharp and everything looks good. One thing about it though was that it came with a few kinks and niches in the side of the blade and the scales. I don’t care because this thing is cheap and is going to be my beater knife. Sheath’ll come apart in a few good days worth, but its not a big deal. A little disappointing with the rivets in the sheath because paracord doesn’t fit through it unless you pull the inner strands out. Still not a big deal. I recommend this knife, its great for the price!

A monster of a knife.

 on July 12, 2016
By A. Layne
This knife is a beast! My boys and I bought this as a trial for a survival type knife, and it does well. The back of the blade has grooves that work really well on ferrous rods as well as the transition corner of the blade, both produce great sparks. It was really sharp out of the box and we have used it in chopping and batonning wood. The sheath had to be repaired when I got it, a few rivets and some contact glue and it was good to go. For the price I paid an amazing value. After a few more weeks of heavy usage we may buy a couple more to keep with our bug out bags.