Helko Classic Forester Axe

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Helko Classic Forester Axe

The Classic Forester is a versatile, reliable general purpose wood axe. The 3.5 lb. head is an ideal weight for medium duty splitting and cutting work. This axe is the next in line when a little more power is needed than a compact boy’s axe. The head is ground and polished to a mirror finish which reduces friction when cutting and improves rust resistance. The handle is crafted from sustainable sourced American hickory, and is lightly lacquered. Length 31.5 in and Head Weight 3.5 lbs

Helko classic forester german axe
blades are hardened to the German DIN 7287 B manufacturing standard.

Helko Werk Axe Germany

Each piece is handcrafted by Helko Master Smiths with over 170 years of expertise. Once the smith is satisfied with his work, the Helko crown logo is hammered into the head. No supplementary work, such as grinding, buffing, or painting is performed, thereby allowing each blade to proudly display its forging marks. As no two pieces are exactly alike, each axe is truly unique. Helko has earned a reputation for making best axes in the world

The Classic line is a premium set of felling axes and hatchets that meld versatility, functionality, and aesthetics into a truly unique and eye-catching tool. These axes are an ideal choice for those in search of a general purpose axe that is both stylish and effective. After the head is forged and heat treated, it is ground and polished to a highly reflective mirror finish that reduces friction when cutting and improves rust resistance. Each handle is hand crafted in Switzerland from sustainably sourced and FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) American hickory. The blades are hardened to the German DIN 7287 B manufacturing standard. These finely crafted masterpieces are equally suited for both serious use and majestic display.
  • Made in Germany
  • German C45 high grade carbon steel
  • Head is polished to a mirror finish
  • Handle is hand crafted in Switzerland from sustainably sourced and FSC certified American hickory
  • Handle is individually selected for grain orientation and density
  • Lightly lacquered handle with leather loop by the grip
  • Wooden wedge with additional steel ring wedge
  • Drop forged, heat treated, and oil-hardened
  • Includes Helko North America leather sheath, made in USA
  • Includes 1oz bottle of Axe-Guard protective oil, made by Slip 2000

Head Weight:      3.5 lbs
Total Weight:       5 lbs
Handle Length:   31.5 in

Customer Reviews

Very pleased. The head is beautifully finished with a ready-to-use …

 on June 30, 2017
By Martin P. Shaw
Very pleased. The head is beautifully finished with a ready-to-use edge. The handle is nicely finished as well. I will be using it in a couple weeks.

Solid Axe for Price Point

One person found this helpful.
 on October 19, 2015
By boston
Novice to axes. Need to cut a variety of trees down. Wanted a solid basic axe. Used only once on small 6 inches -ish tree to test out. Worked great. I will update if opinion changes but for the price point, the axe and sheath is a good deal.

Superb axe

 on November 19, 2017
By christopher smith
Beautiful axe, high quality workmanship.

Value and good fit and finish

One person found this helpful.
 on November 1, 2015
By Molokai rider
I split a lot of mesquite wood which is typically very hard on my tools. This axe works well. The blade finishing is much better than say a condor and head and shoulders above a hardware store axe made in who knows where. I sanded and finished the well shaped handle with boiled linseed oil for grip. The geometry of the head is symmetrical and decently sharpened. I appreciate the large and tall head shape, and the length is conducive to shorter power strokes. Attention to detail is superb, as the axe came with a bottle of oil, a sheath, and a personal letter of gratitude. Well done, I will purchase more and recommend to friends.

Very pleased.

 on December 25, 2016
By F. Cox
Wonderful axe. Truly a beautiful tool that I will hand down to my children one day.

Five Stars

 on November 1, 2016
By FerdJ
nice ax – very nice weight and splits well – classic

The best axe in my collection.

One person found this helpful.
 on January 29, 2016
By Josefina Pinedo
A dream of an axe. Can’t wait to use it

great axe

One person found this helpful.
 on December 17, 2015
By Peanut
It’s a piece of beauty.

Good for intended purpose

 on December 30, 2015
By Tino
It’s good for it’s intended purpose of felling trees, it’s not that great for splitting tough knotty wood, I accidentally chipped a small part of my axe on a stone while splitting firewood, and the enamel scrapes away easily when splitting wood, but this axe is meant for felling, and the handle has a good shape and grain orientation.

Very Nice

One person found this helpful.
 on September 3, 2017
By Hanale
I waited a few weeks for Amazon to have this Axe back on there site, I was going to order it direct from the company. This axe came in sharp, just need a little work on it. If you are looking for an axe that’s fictional and a piece of art. You got it in this tool.