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Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe Review

In the era of cheap, mass produced axes, Gransfors still hand forges steel for axes. Fine Swedish craftsmanship ensures Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe will be the best axe you will ever own. The axe is a timeless classic, testament to hand forged steel quality workmanship.  The Small Forest Axe is the same size as the Gransfors Bruks Hunter’s Axe but a more traditional pattern and poll.

Small Forest Axe has a thin blade and long handle to allow powerful chopping results. Great for limbing or splitting small sticks for the fire and small enough to fit in your pack, it’s perfect for backpacking or just to have around camp.

The axe is practical for splitting small sticks for fires or cutting small diameter limbwood for starter fuel in a fireplace. The Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe cuts very well across the grain, both in bigger logs and smaller branches.

Small Forest Axe  reliability, ease of use and superb build quality, make it is arguably the most popular axe in the world of bushcraft. The 19″ handle on the small forest axe is just right. The Hunters axe is about the same size, too.  The Gransfors Bruks axe isn’t so long that it’s awkward to put in or strap to a rucksack.  When swung with two hands, the axe delivers excellent striking power.  It’s real good chopping one handed as well.  Personally, I’d say the versatile axe chops as good as or a better than a big knife.

Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe
Hand made Swedish Axe

Best Axes in the World

The Small Forest Axe is made from fine quality steel, this hand forged axe is expertly crafted by experienced Swedish smiths whose skills and designs are world famous.  At Gransfors Bruks the forging craft is allowed to take its time.

swedish axe makers

The smiths do not work by the piece. They take care and do the right forging from the beginning. There is no need to stone or grind or smooth or paint the axes in order to hide or eliminate imperfections in the forging. Each axe head is individually hammered into shape and bears the initials of the smith who made it, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Honed, annealed and tempered to an exact hardness, the axe’s blade edge is tested by striking it with a massive forging hammer. If it doesn’t chip or break, it’s ready for your toughest chopping jobs. Sharpened, polished and oiled for a fine finish. Axe head is firmly affixed to a 19″ hickory handle. Head weighs 1½ lb. Face measures 3½”. Includes a grain-leather sheath and Axe Book.

Ergonomic Handles
Old traditions are adapted to today’s demand. Most of the handles of Gransfors Bruks axes have a unique ergonomic design which gives a steady grip around the handle. All Gransfors Bruks handles are made of selected high quality American hickory. Fiberglass handles are stronger than hickory handles but Gransfors Bruks believes that wooden handles are more ecological. Gransfors Bruks axe handles are soaked in hot linseed oil and dripped dry. They are then covered with beeswax to help keep the dirt off.

Fine craftsmanship and hand forged steel ensure Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe will be the best you’ve ever owned.

Technical Details

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Customer Reviews

"Buy the best and you won’t be disappointed."

 on January 12, 2013
By Ski
My dad always said that and it’s true. I have any imaginable model of hatchet and axe. Every name brand you’ve ever heard of some you haven’t. Wihtout any qualification, these Gransfor Bruks are the best. They are sharper than the factory edge on most knives out of the box, life time warranty that they abide by no questions asked. I had to return one because I didn’t like the grain in the handle. New one at my door a week later. Been using my first GB for 10 years now, I think it has actually gotten better with age.

Swedish axes/ collectors items?

 on March 27, 2018
By SoCalBill
What a beautiful tool! Arrived “razor sharp” and works great. It really is a great small ax. (Although the GB sheath is a bit “cheap,” compared to Condor Tool sheaths’ great quality.) The current demand has caused the price of this specific brand named tool to go pretty high, but I think it is still a thing of functional almost artistic utility. If you need a small ax on a budget, shop around. There are some pretty good ones out there. If you can afford this one, I suggest you get it now. Like Randall Made knives, this name brand may well increase in value over time.


 on March 20, 2018
By Patrick Lawrence Sullivan
This axe was highly recommended by Cliff Jacobson, in his excellent book “Expedition Canoeing” He had such good information in there. Some of which I already knew, so I took a chance on his tool preference. He’s right! You can bet your life on it. You can shave with this thing! It has a great balance, and a great handle design. Perfect size for a car. Big for a pack, but you get full performance in a relatively small package. Additional pluses:

Get it

 on March 15, 2015
By Christopher Bergen
This axe is an amazing axe! It is traditionally made, no synthetics! When it came, the grind was perfect, and was the sharpest thing I have ever felt. The reason why I took off a star was because this axe is ment for soft woods. This axe has no problem getting dull when I use it in hardwood such as maple. I shouldn’t say dull, I mean “less sharp” then befor but still useable. This is ment for alpine areas, such as woodlands with a lot of pine trees, or birch and beech trees. I found that in connecticut, the state that I love in, this works best of tulip poplar. I would recommend getting this even if you live in New England because it is a great axe, but know that you may have to sharpen it every few weeks after moderate use. The steel on it, even though it is high carbon steel, does not rust on the metal portion. The metal is so well polished and flat it doesn’t give a place for rust to start. Also, you should buy boiled linseed oil to put on the axe handles. Another problem I had with this axe, is that the part of the lether sheath that has contact with the wood, does not let the oil seep into the wood. The lether sheath is really really nice! But it is probobly something that won’t last more then 6 years, it is pretty easily dented. I do love the 20 year guarantee with it, and the axe hook that is free with the purchase. I know I listed a lot of negatives but the joy of having it is amazing! This would probobly be best in the hands of a boy, and can be used with one hand with an adult. Buy it and you will never be sorry!


 on June 14, 2018
I got my order yesterday and have to say that I am very happy with the product that they sent me. Upon arrival, I looked at the blade and on the handle for engravings to ensure that it was genuine. It not only had the Gransfors Bruks marking on the blade and on the handle (top part) it also had MF, the initials of the person forged the axe. So it is definitely genuine and authentic. I was a bit concerned at the reviews that said that they were sold fake ones. I am not sure what happened with their orders but mine is the real deal so don’t hesitate when ordering.

I have had this axe for about a year and …

 on January 21, 2015
By S. Pope
I have had this axe for about a year and a half now and use it a couple of times a week in my work as a Land Surveyor in Northern California. Whenever I pull this out of my jacket pouch to trim some branches or cut small trees my clients invariably comment “wow that is a really sharp axe” and they are right. Worth every penny !