Gransfors Bruks Mini-Hatchet

  • Gransfors Bruks Mini Hatchet Review
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  • Gransfors Bruks Mini Hatchet Review
  • Gransfors Bruks Mini Hatchet
  • Gransfors Bruks Mini Hatchet Review
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Gransfors Bruks Mini Hatchet Review

Gransfors Bruks 410 Mini Hatchet, Leather Sheath. Developed by Lennart Pettersson (LP) at Gransfors Bruks in Sweden. Lennart, axe smith, knife smith, back-packer and fisherman has created a little hatchet which can be used as an axe and a knife. The poll, slightly rounded, functions like a “priest”.

The roots of Gransfors Mini Belt Hatchet go back many thousand years. In the old days in Europe it was common to carry a belt axe which could be used as a knife and an axe, a valuable tool and a weapon. A nice belt axe was also a symbol of status. In the 16th and 17th century, the French began trading axes with the American Indians. The small Belt Axe, light and narrow, become the “trade axe” and was transformed into the tomahawk. But Gransfors Mini Belt Hatchet is neither a tomahawk nor a scaled down axe. It is a functional new design by Lennart Pettersson. It is hand forged of high carbon Swedish steel and tempered at the bit to a hardness of 57 Rockwell C. To forge a small axe with the hole in the head requires great craftsman skill.

The Gransfors Mini Hatchet (short-handled axe) is perfect for trekking and easy to stow in a rucksack. The leather sheath keeps the blade from piercing the rucksack. The Mini-Hatchet is a reliable companion on all trips into the wild country! An awesome little hatchet!

Tactical Knives Magazine writes: “It will fillet a fish, skin a moose, … pound tent stakes and chop vegetables. And it will ride as lightly on your hip as the average hunting knife.”

When it comes to axe enthusiasts, the Swedes are the world’s greatest, and Gransfors Bruks is one of their finest forges. Each axe is carefully forged by an experienced smith who shows his pride in his work by stamping his initials on the head next to the company logo and each smith is introduced in the 36 page booklet that accompanies every Gransfors Bruks axe. After forging, each blade is ground to a 25 degree bevel and honed to a razor edge. Each axe is fitted with a tight-grained hickory handle and provided with a grain-leather sheath with snap fastener.

CAUTION –Gransfors Bruks mini hatchet axe #410┬áis razor sharp right out of the box!

Customer Reviews

Five Stars

 on April 26, 2016
By @DTOM _1775
I know, I know…240.00 for a small hatchet. Most of us don’t think twice laying down 200.00+ for a solid knife, right?

Almost Perfect

 on December 28, 2013
By Nelson W. Lentz
When I received this Mini-Hatchet, I thought it looked like a toy. But a toy it is not; the blade is razor sharp and can be kept that way easily. This hatchet will not only work as an effective tool but could serve as a weapon if needed. And this little gem fits nicely in the glove compartment of my Toyota Corolla – with plenty of room to spare! It would also fit easily in the smallest day pack.

Gransfors Mini Hatchet

 on October 10, 2013
By Crusher
Everything a hatchet should be within the design limitations, and to my eye a work of art. Has a definite “hand made” quality to it. The lingering question is regarding value for money. As a utilitarian tool, ridiculously expensive. Would I buy it again? Of course I would, even with the several other hatchets I own, it is a unique survival tool, and one that I will actually carry. Yes, there are obvious limits to what it can do, but what good is a larger, heavier hatchet or axe if you leave it in the truck because it is inconvenient to carry when you are most likely going to need it? As I get older, I have become more and more critical of carrying more than I need and have trimmed back my survival tools so that I can better enjoy my walks without a heavy pack. I do wish the German supplier would do the American customers the courtesy of supplying a book in English, however.

Great little hatchet!

 on May 8, 2018
By George Mickatavage
Loved my first one but gave it to my good friend as a gift so I ordered another for me :)

Awesome hatchet

 on October 27, 2017
By kevin martin
Excellent quality. Bought for my wife as a gift. She loves the outdoors and building camp fires. Best tool for cutting kindling or anything else for the matter.


 on May 3, 2018
By Ancient Mariner
Great lightweight hatchet for camping. Very well made!

Perfect for Backpacking

 on January 3, 2014
By Scott Robertson
I replaced my machete with this hatchet for backpacking. You won’t be cutting down anything large with this, but it’s the perfect size for handling light limbing work. This is not your normal hardware store axe, it is VERY sharp. Almost knife sharp. The light weight makes this a great addition to my pack for light day trips or extended backcountry trips.

Five Stars

 on January 12, 2018
By Mark F.
A tool with quality written all over it.

Five Stars

 on December 4, 2014
By Patty
Oh, yes. My husband loves this!