Gransfors Bruks Ceramic Grinding/ Sharpening Stone GB 4034

  • Gransfors bruks Small Forest SHAVING SHARP AXE
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Gransfors Bruks Natural Sharpening (Grinding) Stone is made of natural sandstone quarried at Gotland Island in Sweden. The Stone has a coarse side and a fine side and can be used with or without water.

Gransfors Bruks Ceramic Grinding/ Sharpening Stone weight is 6.7 ounces (190 grams) and the diameter of the Stone itself is about 2 inches (5 cm). The Stone is packaged in a nice-looking black rubberized case with labels for the fine side and the coarse side. The Ceramic Stone also has a coarse and a fine side, and can be used with or without water. The size is similar to the Natural Stone.

Customer Reviews

Almost magic

 on June 5, 2017
By JamesWorld
I’m certainly not new to sharpening. I’ve been sharpening my plane blades, chisels and knives long enough to have it down to a few simple steps. Axes have been a challenge. Until I bit the bullet and bought the Transfers Bruks Ceramic Grinding/Sharpening stone. I had a hatchet I’d worked on for days with diamond sharpening plates and diamond diafold sharpeners. I could get it sharp, but never as sharp as I felt it could be. Today I used the Transfers Bruks stone on the hatchet and it was slicing through paper with ease in a matter of minutes. It’s just easier to use this little puck on an axe head than it is to try it with plates and the like.

Excellent quality – as expected

 on August 27, 2017
By Anthony Jones
Excellent quality – as expected. Yes, it’s a little pricey … and you’ll have to make the decision. I have both this one and the Lansky puck..

Great design and it works.

 on March 27, 2017
By randy ward
Simple but perfectly designed. One of those rare inexpensive items that does it’s job perfectly. It is rubber encased by it’s own handle (round), so it doesn’t break when dropped and sharpens very well.

Great quality

 on January 30, 2013
By tracker
I have had a ton of other “puck” stones over the years and this one beats them all. Fist it is a water stone, a huge plus for me as I use this to touch up the edge when out clearing land and hate to carry a lot of things. Second it has a protective case for the stone. (You will learn to really love that if you are like me and drop things or have a bad habit of putting things in your back pocket) And third it keeps your fingers out of the way with using.

Highly recommend this.

 on May 9, 2018
By catherinemarie
I like this so much that I’m going to buy a couple more. One in my back pack, one for around the house, and one as back up. It works great. Got my GB small forest axe back to razor sharp in just a few minutes. I really like the rubber housing that protects the puck. Good job GB. I highly recommend this to anyone that sharpens their own knives, axes, hatchets, etc.

Really Nice to have

 on July 1, 2017
By Michael DiGiampaolo
Really Nice to have. The case is even marked Course on course side & Fine on the fine side. It easily slips into your pocket. Will be buying a few more, & make gifts to Family, & keep another one for myself.

Awesome product, great quality

 on November 11, 2017
I have both the Lansky puck and this one, and you can feel the quality. The rubber case is just great. Awesome product, as expected from Gransfors Bruks.

Very useful and easy to carry

 on July 7, 2013
By Edward M. Tobin
This little stone is a must have when taking along your ax or hatchet. A couple of passes and the blade is ready to shave with. Won’t head to the woods without my ax or this little stone.

I love this stone

 on March 2, 2017
By RMoran
I love this stone.

GB nothing in the world like it!!

 on May 10, 2016
By David Forrester
Anything you buy that’s made by GB is top notch. I have 5 different axes from GB and every sharpening tool they make. In a survival situation,Hunting, camping or fishing I would never be without!!