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Gerber Infantry Knife Review

You don’t have to be caught behind enemy lines to appreciate the intelligent design of Gerber LMF II Survival Knife.  After all, the knife hails from a former military man led the charge to engineer this fearless 10-inch survival knife, and it was field tested with the troops.

Gerber Infantry Knife is as adaptable as the personnel who carry it. Use it to cut through the skin of a fuselage, sever a seat belt or egress through the Plexiglas of a chopper. Plus, the LMF II does a slick job cutting firewood and building shelter. The over-molded handle successfully limits blistering. There is complete separation between the tang and butt cap, so the knife absorbs the shocks from hammering and prevents the shocks of electricity. Smartly situated grooves and lashing holes let the LMF II convert to a spear. The low-profile sheath facilitates movement, limits noise, works for parachuting and attaches to a belt or MOLLE vest. The patented, integrated sharpener means edge retention in the field.

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife

The LMF II Infantry Tactical Knife stainless steel blade and buttcap deliver precision strength.  Gerber Survival Knives sheath features a carbide sharpener and a belt attachment. Strong, Serrated Blade Can Be Used in All Situations

The Gerber 22-01629 LMF II Black Infantry Knife was designed for survival during even the worst conditions. This 10-inch survival knife was engineered by former military man Jeff Freeman and was field-tested with troops, ensuring that it can stand up to rugged, rigorous use and offer high performance under a variety of emergency conditions.  Whether you need to cut firewood, build a shelter, or slice through a seat belt, the Gerber LMF II Survival Knife has you covered. It was designed to adapt to a wide variety of situations, so you’ll never have to worry whether you have the right knife.

Gerber Survival Knives includes: 10-inch serrated knife Pointed stainless steel butt cap Overmolded handle Lashing  holes Sheath with built-in carbide sharpener

Unique Buttcap Can Pierce Glass
In addition to the blade end of the knife, Gerber also gave the LMF II a unique, pointed buttcap that is made of stainless steel. This heavy end can be used to pierce glass in the event you need to egress from a helicopter or other vehicle. The buttcap features a smart design that is physically separated from the tang in order to offer shock absorption when it’s used as a hammer and also to prevent electrical shock.

Smart, Versatile, Comfortable Design

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife features an overmolded handle, which helps prevent hand blisters and provides a secure grip. It is also designed with lashing holes, allowing it to be converted into a spear and extending its usability. The black color keeps you inconspicuous while you are out on night-time missions.

Gerber Knife Sheath Included with Built-In Sharpener
A low-profile sheath is included and it features a built-in carbide sharpener. The stainless steel blade can withstand a ton of abuse, but if it ever gets damaged or needs sharpening, you won’t be stuck out in the open with a dull knife. Gerber LMF II sheath facilitates movement and attaches to a belt or MOLLE vest.

Gerber Knives History of Ingenuity
Savvy. Moxie. Craftsmanship. Attention to detail. These are just a few of the company traits that contributed to Gerber’s emergence as a world leader in outdoor gear. Joseph Gerber started Portland, Oregon’s Gerber Advertising back in 1910, and one Christmas, he hired a local knife-maker to craft 25 sets of kitchen cutlery as client gifts. The knives were so popular, Mr. Gerber ultimately left his agency to launch Gerber Legendary Blades in 1939.Find out more at Gerber Knives Company Home Page

For more than half a century, Gerber Legendary Blades has been helping people fend for themselves. Gerber Knives designs popular, dependable tools and knives along with other outdoor gear that helps users accomplish whatever tasks they may be faced with, promoting the lost art of self-reliance.

Gerber LMF 2 Specs
Gerber 22-01629 LMF II Black Infantry Knife with 4.8-Inch Blade, Gerber Knife Sheath, Lifetime Gerber Knife Warranty

Customer Reviews

Knife or Wife?

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 on June 11, 2015
By barret brewster
I bought this knife six years ago. With a fishing pole, kayak, and this knife I hunted multiple 9+ foot alligators. It takes a lot to kill an alligator and this knife brought every bit of it. I have killed and cleaned yellow fin tuna out of Orange Beach, Alabama with this knife. It has followed me through most of the states, half Europe, most the Caribbean, Canada, and all of Central America. It has been through fresh water, salt water, marshes and swamps. I have used it as a dive knife, spear head, hammer, and axe. It has been on sport fishing yachts, sailboats, and kayaks. It has opened countless beer bottles, cut bikini straps, and scared away larger men. Today I got it out to, for the first time in six years, put an actual effort into sharpening it. I realized how sharp it still was. This thing has been beaten to hell and back, cut more things than the sword of a crusader and it was still sharp. It has served me, fed me, protected me, amused me, and shared more adventures with me than my closest of friends. This is more than a knife, it is a life partner.

I love this knife

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 on October 26, 2016
By Siya
I love this knife! It looks like Gerber may have changed the rubber at the hilt. Can’t say for sure, but it’s harder than my old LMF2, which has a softer rubber feel to it. The one I just received as a “D” at the end of the serial number, and my old one has a “C”… so different models I’m guessing. Either way, love the harder feel to the rubber in the hilt. Knife came razor sharp as these things do, and immediately after opening I removed the back friction retaining nylon webbing, and added some silicon oil to the hilt. Learn my lesson with the last LMF. Now I can easily unsheathe it with one hand, and the nylon doesn’t rub against the rubber…giggidy. High recommend getting this knife!

Sturdy heft, nice thick full tang blade that also …

 on June 24, 2017
By john kimble
Sturdy heft, nice thick full tang blade that also has a pommel with a window breaker, the handle is non-slip and even the sheath is adjustable with a clip in lock to keep the knife from falling out. Overall it cuts, breaks windows and is durable enough to take on challenges of all types. There is a built in knife sharpener in the sheath and it works well. No complaints at all. I am fully satisfied with this knife and the bonus seat belt cutter that is included.

A solid value, and awesome knife

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 on October 6, 2016
By G-money
This knife speaks for itself, and many other reviewers have given it the high praise it deserves. I’ve taken mine camping with much luck, etc. It’s an honest tool. The point I want to make is about the totally reasonable price. I just bought my second, to replace my misplaced first bought (that’s a mouthful) and I think the price has gone down!! When does that ever happen? Thank you Gerber!! For the same price as a take-out dinner or couple of pizzas you can own a legacy, made in USA, premium knife. I say tack $25 onto the price and contribute the proceeds to a suitable Veterans charity. I’d be more than happy to.

This knife is tough stuff!

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 on April 18, 2015
By Brandon Beckner
My favorite knife! The handle has amazing grip! And the knife is tough stuff! I actually use it for batoning wood more than I probably should just because this knife can handle it!

Perfect knife for me

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 on March 7, 2016
By Jay
I’d been researching the Gerber LMF II for weeks prior to purchase, The price was good at list but when I saw the discounted rate for the Amazon refurbished knife, I couldn’t resist. My total ended up around $55 for knife with some slight damage to the packaging. The packaging was going in the trash anyway.

Maybe the best… and then again maybe not

 on November 16, 2013
Might be the best survival/hunting knife out there… nice partially serrated blade, insulated pommel, nice sheath with sharpener and quality all around, also have a Ka-Bar Becker BK22 which I rate about the same but one has some features over the other.

More than i expected. Excellent knofe with added accessories not advertised.

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 on July 13, 2015
By interstellar audio network
Wow. Bad a@@ knife. The balance of this thing is amazing. Solidly constructed and a comfortable feel. The holes for lashing to a stick for spearing are big enough to slip paracord through no problem. The handle has slightly curved groove and sticky material on the handle to fit stick and minimize slippage. The sheath and molle construction is heavy duty with a sharpener built into the sheath. It wasn’t pictured, or advertised?, but came with 2 excellent leg straps with the option of also being able to attach to your belt. It also included another seperate cutting tool that could be useful slicing through paracord or seatbelts. That also comes with a durable sheath and molle attachment. It is bigger than i expected. The picture does not do it justice. Probably not for a young kid though. Still suggest having a pocket knife to round out your B.O.B. arsenal.

This is the version of the knife you want. …

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 on December 22, 2016
This is the version of the knife you want. Molle compatible sheath, leg mount, strap cutter.

Worthy of Gerber’s OLDER name/reputation

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 on December 9, 2016
By David from NC
As a knife-afi (knife aficionado-it’s a Spyderco thang!) I am used to the term “Gerber” being a joke sometimes (based on their $19.99 Wal-Mart stuff) but let me assure you this PORTLAND USA MADE LMFII is a piece of work! I carry a Daniel Winkler Operator on me almost everyday (along with at least 2 Spydercos) but THIS is the knife in my “Rapid Deployment” bag when I work (I’m a patrol lieutenant with a mid-sized agency and teach firearms, TASER, and Rapid Deployment/Active Shooter).