Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade, Serrated Edge [30-000075]

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The Gerber 30-000075 E-Tool with Serrated Blade is a sturdy and durable folding spade constructed from high-quality and reliable materials. With a serrated edge on half the blade to give you extra digging power, this entrenching tool folds small for easy transport and unfolds to 2 feet for use in the garden, outdoors, hunting, or on the job.

Spade shovel with serrated edge 30-000075 E-Tool
with Serrated Blade
At a Glance:Made with ultra-durable, lightweight materials for long-term use

Anodized shaft and glass-filled nylon handle are virtually indestructible

Half serrated edge helps cut through grass and other vegetation

Folds to compact size for easy transport

Locking mechanism safely secures shovel in open position

The compact Gerber E-Tool is easy to pack for camping or hunting, take to work, or store in your shop or shed. View larger.

A locking mechanism will keep the Gerber E-Tool  folding shovel open when in use, helping keep you safe during shoveling. View larger.
Durable Construction for Heavy-Duty Use
Crafted with a powder coated boron carbon steel spade, the Gerber E-Tool can withstand extensive use in a variety of environments. The virtually indestructible glass-filled nylon handle features an open design, giving you room for a firm grip and increased leverage. The anodized 7075 aluminum shaft also gives this entrenching tool strength and durability.

Compact and Lightweight for Easy Portability
At just over 2 pounds and measuring 9.37 inches in length when closed, the Gerber E-Tool is easy to pack in to campgrounds or hunting sites, take to work, or store in your shop or shed. Its small size also works well in compact spaces where a regular size shovel won’t fit.

Serrated Edge Adds Functionality
One side of the spade is serrated to give you extra power when digging in tough environments. Use it to saw through grass, plants, and undergrowth or for cutting into ice or hard dirt. The shape of the blade also helps this Gerber E-Tool enter the ground more easily.

Locks Open for Added Stability
A locking mechanism will keep the Gerber E-Tool open when in use, helping keep you safe and protected when you apply pressure during shoveling. Simply turn the ridged knob that wraps around the shaft to secure the E-Tool in the open position.

About Gerber: A History of Innovation
Savvy. Moxie. Craftsmanship. Attention to detail. These are just a few of the company traits that have contributed to Gerber’s emergence as a world leader in outdoor gear. Joseph Gerber started Portland, Oregon’s Gerber Advertising back in 1910, and one Christmas, he hired a local knife-maker to craft 25 sets of kitchen cutlery as client gifts. The knives were so popular Mr. Gerber ultimately left his agency to launch Gerber Legendary Blades in 1939.

It makes sense, really. An idea man gets the idea of a lifetime and turns it into a major outdoor brand–one that commands respect among knife lovers and knife makers alike. And now that same high regard is spreading in new directions, in the form of many outstanding products such as tools, personal L.E.D. lighting, and more.

What’s in the Box
Gerber 30-000075 E-Tool with Serrated Blade.

Customer Reviews

Awesome update on a classic

 on August 29, 2013
By monstercatambush
You always wonder why someone would try to improve on something that already rocks. I’ve carried the original version of the US Army e-tool many a mile and have always figured the weight was worth the utility of the thing. Any number of times I’ve saved myself a soggy sleeping bag by digging a shallow perimeter trench around my tent. Fellow campers who laughed at my efforts could only hang their heads in the morning when me and the dogs emerged from our tent dry and refreshed, while they obviously were soggy and sleepless. And more frequently, my old school shovel has served to dig quick “cat holes” where I could take a “break” along the trail, without leaving a mess for others to “enjoy”.

Ready for the apocalypse

 on September 30, 2016
By Archangels
Great shovel. Compact and tough.

Gerber E-Tool

 on March 7, 2016
By Wayne Edgeworth
I’m very glad I made this purchase. I already have an actual military E-Tool, which has had a very useful life. It is starting to fall apart and that’s why I wanted to get another, but I didn’t want to spend $60 on one so I chose this model. Gerber makes very nice multi-tools and knives so after reading some reviews on this product and experience with their other products I felt safe purchasing it. I live in the mountains and used it on a camping trip last weekend and used it to dig a fire pit and holes for posts, it did the job flawlessly. The shovel does lock at an angle (not quite 90 degrees though even though another review said it doesn’t.) Very easy to fold and unfold even if there is still mud on it. When it is locked in either position it feels very sturdy and comfortable in the hands. I would definitely buy this again. I do wish it had a carrying case though. I will pick one up later.

Tools evolve

 on May 17, 2017
By Fluffpuppypup
The Gerber is the next step in the evolution of the e-tool. It is so much smoother and functionally superior to the Ames. The Gerber is a few ounces lighter, no hot spots on the handle, and better position for the hand bolt to lock the shovel head and handle. Durability is a wash – do not get spooked by the handle. The Army did some testing, and while the Ames took 958 dynamic swings-whacks before it broke, the Gerber took 790, and the Ames had catastrophic failure, whereas the Gerber just needed a new bolt at the designed break point. Read the U.S. General Accounting Office report. There is much more analysis of the tools there, but suffice to say both tools are world class, with the Gerber edging out the Ames for the government contract. An area of preference would be the adjustment angles of the heads of the tools. The head of the Gerber shovel is adjustable to approx 170 degrees for straight shoveling, approx 80 degrees for picking, and approx 20 degrees for grappling hook. The Gerber fits in the same ACU molle e-tool pouch on my rucksack as where I used to keep my Ames, which is now retired with honor in the shed. Keep it clean after each mission, and use a light machine/gun oil on the moving parts, and it will last a long time under heavy use.

unbreakable, overbuilt , tank of a shovel.

 on March 9, 2017
this is just an awesome camp shovel, i can see no way you could ever possibly destroy this beast. i primarily purchased it for digging out fire pits or scraping out cockle burs, for a place to camp for the night, in one of our field edges, by a woods.

Quality tool well worth the money.

 on November 30, 2017
Well worth the money. I upgraded to the Gerber based on recommendations from friends and have not been disappointed. This tool replaced a cheap Army-Navy store version, that while it worked, was far flimsier than the Gerber.

Best camping and small utility shovel ever

 on November 29, 2015
By Unexploded Minds
I keep this in my bag for hiking and camping and am super pleased. Yeah it’s a little pricey but it’s solid and folds up nice and compact to fit in just about any bag. I’ve had no trouble digging small fire pits or just uprooting small stuff. For a shovel this rigid, it’s not heavy. It’s probably not as sturdy as those all metal ones (the well made ones) but it’s also much lighter. Those shovels you find at army surplus stores are probably a fair bit sturdier but they weigh a ton and let’s get serious, it’s a small shovel. You’re going to use it for small shovel jobs, not landscaping or digging trenches. It’s a small light utility shovel that’s crazy convenient and easily fits in any hiking or “bug out” type bag. Good job Gerber. I’ll probably buy more of these in the future.

Compact Size. Big Results.

 on November 29, 2017
By The Angelo Kid
OK, let’s all agree first off that this will never be a full size shovel with all the benefits that those bring, but for what it is, this shovel is great. The size is super compact when folded up which is awesome because I leave it in the toolbox on my truck. However, the amount of material you can actually move with it will surprise you. If you need to hack down a small shrub or sapling you can do that as well with the serrated side. Definitely worth keeping in a truck to help get you out of a jam.

Great shovel for serious trenching around your tent!

 on February 5, 2013
By Brian Grzymkowski
This thing is legit! I bought this to replace a 

Well made little tool

 on June 3, 2016
By E. Wick
I bought this for my boyfriend to take to the beach so we could dig a hole for a fire pit. What I didn’t realize was how much fun he would have with it. It dug the hole like a champ so he decided he wanted to try out the serrated edge and started looking for drift wood to chop up for the fire. Even after all of the chopping and digging the shovel hardly showed any signs of use. This is definitely a well made tool.