Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife

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Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife

Fine Edge Survival Fixed Blade

Ask Bear Grylls or anyone who has survived a serious scrape in the outdoors and they will say your brain is your most important survival tool. Your attitude, instincts and knowledge of the backcountry are what will keep you alive when everything else fails. But to put those instincts to work building a shelter, starting a fire or finding food, that brain needs a sharp, dependable knife.

The Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade combines Gerber’s decades of knife making experience with Bear Grylls’s survival skills to create a survival knife that’s everything you need and nothing more. It leaves clever to the other gear in your backpack because clever usually means fancy features and moving parts that can bend, break, jam or get lost when you need them most.

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife Dependable Blade

The Gerber Knives Bear Grylls 4.8-inch fine edge, drop-point blade can go straight from hacking firewood to delicately filleting a trout. Its premium grade stainless steel construction means you’ll never see rust or corrosion as you pull it from its sheath. The blade will also keep its edge longer between sharpening. With an updated full tang construction, Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife  is a tool that won’t fail you even after hard use.

Trusty Grip

At 13.7 ounces in weight and 10 inches in total length, Gerber Knives Bear Grylls feels solid and balanced in the hand. A large, textured, rubberized handle gives you a solid grip in any condition and an oversized bolster where the handle meets the blade keeps your hand from slipping toward the blade as you lean into your cut.

Efficient Multi-tasker

Along with flawlessly performing all the essential duties of a knife, like slicing, chopping and filleting, Bear Grylls Survival Knives packed with survival features. The stainless steel pommel at the base of the handle can serve as a hammer. With two holes in the handle, the knife can be lashed to a stick to create a spear. And the lanyard cord with emergency whistle helps you keep track of the knife and provides a loud emergency signal should potential rescuers be within earshot.

Durable Sheath

Just like the knife it protects, the sheath on the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Fixed Blade Knife reveals a few useful surprises in its military-grade, mildew-resistant package. A built-in fire starter rod sits snug in a watertight holder. Pair that with the cutout notch on the blade’s top edge and the ferrocerium rod produces a shower of fire-igniting sparks. A pull-through carbide sharpener is integrated into the sheath, so you can make sure your blade stays sharp. And, for refreshing your outdoor knowledge before things get dicey, a waterproof version of Bear’s “Priorities of Survival” Pocket Guide is stashed into the protective.

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Customer Reviews

Ultimate Pro – Gerber Was Listening All Along….Bigger and Better!

 on March 26, 2013
By David Robert
For my Full Video Review and Demonstration of the Ultimate PRO Knife on YouTube, search “Ultimate Pro Best”.

Excellent build quality and very effective knife.

 on June 29, 2015
By Amazon Customer
Purchased for a camping trip and future use, I have been extremely surpised at the quality of this knife. Most detractors seem to not like the BG on the handle or the fact that it’s targeted at a main stream consumer rather than an elite survivalist. I purchased this after a good deal of research and because of the build quality, steel quality, inclusion of a firestarter and the built-in sharpener, which many of its competitors lacked. This review is for the Ultimate Pro which has many improvements over the original Ultimate version of this knife.

I’ll just mention that I’m a great advocate of "budget" camping and survival knives

 on July 12, 2017
There are scores of reviews of this knife on YouTube, so I won’t bore you with a lengthy review. I’ll just mention that I’m a great advocate of “budget” camping and survival knives, so I had a bit of an uncomfortable lump in my throat when I plunked down about $70 for this one. I really wanted to see if one of the more expensive camping utility knives would compare favorably to my “budget” camping knives. It seems I got a nice lesson in “you get what you pay for.” This is a very nice knife with a good scabbard. It has a “heavy” feel to it and feels great in my hands. It does well with wood carving and cutting and yes, even batoning. There’s no doubt this knife is going to last a lifetime. I don’t abuse my knives to figure out how best to break them – I leave that pass-time to the knife fanatics on YouTube. The only thing I don’t like about this knife is the orange highlighting. I wish it was made in one solid dark color (and if it was, I’d buy another one that way). I am 6′ 4″ tall with very large hands, and this knife has a perfect heft and fit for me. My 5′ 7″ tall daughter thinks it’s a little heavy and awkward for her, but she likes the construction of the knife. Bottom line… I’m not sorry I spent $70 for this knife and readily recommend it for anyone who wants a good-quality camping/survival utility knife.

great knife. 5-star china made

 on December 18, 2015
By C.R.H.
after doing some online research on the knife, and always have liked the GERBER brand of knives, I purchased one. the knife has some very nice features for a do all survival type knife, everything seems to be nicely attached to the knife system. grab it and go. I have not yet used it in a manner it was designed for, only small whittling/cutting type activities, so I am basing most of this off of being a lover of fine knives, and have used knives all my life for hunting, fishing and all kinds of other outdoor and industrial applications. there is a knife review on u-tube that shows this knife being beat to crap with a small sledge hammer, and it held its own. very informative and it will give you an idea of what a full tang will do for a good knife.

There are plenty of good reviews out there on the YouTubes

 on November 14, 2017
By Tim Muir
Don’t pay attention to any of the haters out there. This is a high quality, full-tang survival knife. There are plenty of good reviews out there on the YouTubes, including a recent one from Survival Lily. I have seen vids of the previous (non-Pro, non-full tang) version being broken, but it was cold, and the tester was batoning with another steel object, the back of an axe. Most vids throw the kitchen sink at this knife and it does fine. This is a good knife for the price. If you can pick it up for under $55 you should pick one up.

Great survival – bushcraft knife

 on December 22, 2015
By buckeye49
When this (new version) of the Bear Grylls knife came out I had to try it out. I was looking for a survival knife that had multiple features/functions. The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife had all those features I was looking for. I like the grippy handle, which helps you hold onto the knife if your hands are wet or cold. I like the portions of bright orange because If I drop my knife in dim light or darkness, the bright color helps to find it quickly. This new version of the knife has better steel and retains an awesome edge. It came very sharp and I used it some and then quickly put the razor edge back on it by sharpening and stropping it. The knife comes with a fire starter (fero rod and striker) which stores right on the knife sheath. The knife comes with some survival suggestions as well, which are stored in the sheath also. The knife snaps snuggly into the sheath and will not fall out if turned upside down. I really like that feature. The back of the sheath also has an integral knife sharpener which is handy if you need to put a quick edge back on your knife while in the field after heavy use. The blade is a stainless steel but is coated black for stealth I suppose. The blade is full tang and the pommel (or butt) of the handle is reinforced so you can pound things with it (similar to using a hammer). There is a hole in the bottom of the grip where you can attach some para-cord so you can synch the grip to your wrist, adding more strength when using the knife for certain activities. After using this knife for nearly a quite some time now I can truly attest to its durability and usefulness. I have used the fire starter to start numerous fires and it does well. There is also a built in emergency whistle on the end of the lanyard that holds the ferro rod. I rate this knife 5 out of five stars because it is worth the price. It should last me a very long time. There is an area on top of the blade that is NOT blackened so it can be readily used to strike the ferro rod to start your fire. Buy this, you will be happy you did. To get this quality of knife, including all the extra features, you’d have to pay considerably more from other manufacturers.

Very solid outdoor knife. Bear Grylls styling.

 on October 5, 2017
By Scott K. Walker
The knife is solidly built, and I like the full tang with the metal pommel. My son got one for a wilderness survival outing with scouts, and I liked it enough that I got one for myself. Having compared this with the Ultimate (non-“Pro”) version online, I am convinced that we made the right choice going with the improved version.

Regular dude review

 on December 19, 2013
By ANoble
Okay, so there are a lot of technical reviews on here from knife worshipers. They helped me know this is a quality knife when I was researching which knife to buy.

The best knife I’ve owned!

 on May 27, 2018
By Kyle
I grew up in the woods and mountains hiking, hunting, and camping. I’m an Eagle Scout and a veteran so I’ve used many knifes throughout my life. After doing countless hours of research I decided to go with this knife namely because of the steel used and the fact it was made by Gerber. I also wasn’t going to purchase any knife that was not full tang. Of course, the functionality was also an added factor. This knife can be lashed or carried. The built in fire steel throws off some sparks and I like that you can use the back of the knife to create them. It is difficult to get the fire rod out but on the other hand, it means it’s not going to wiggle loose on the trail. The knife also includes a whistle which is a must have for any survival situation. The butt of the knife can be used for striking surfaces and you don’t feel too many vibrations come through the handle. Now I recommend that people who spend a lot of time outdoors already know the basic signaling instructions and have knowledge of survival techniques, the included survival guide that stores in the sheath is a nice touch. If you’re in a survival situation, your adrenaline may be surging and you may be desperate for food or shelter, so this guide will help you focus on what needs to be done and help get you back to thinking clearly about your survival.

Exceeded expectations

 on June 21, 2018
By orliec
Although I didn’t believe the hype at first, after reading up on others’ experience as well as video reviews and even one which was purposely abusing this knife, I ordered one and was very pleasantly surprised by the quality, durability, ergonomics (size, weight, shape, feel), and sheer multipurpose performance. Used it on our trip to Yosemite to split firewood (easy work), cut up vegetables, etc. Didn’t use it to start a fire until I got back home and tested it; a bit difficult to remove the firestarter rod (needs break-in period) from the sheath. Emergency whistle is deafeningly loud. Lifetime warranty makes this a no-brainer. (Outside the U.S., you get a 25-year warranty.) Recommended to my friends.