Need a best camping hatchet? Try versatile Gator Combo Axe II

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Gator Combo Axe II – Best Camp Hatchets

Need a camping hatchet?  There are many to choose from but one of the best camping axe hatchet to consider is the Gator Combo II axe made by Gerber. I find that the well-made axe fits very comfortably in your hand for an easy swing motion while chopping wood. Gerber wood cutting axe and knife combo is very versatile – great for backpacking, scouts, camping and overall general gardening use.

The Gator II axe’s lightweight design is very compact and feels solid while striking. Made with a longer handle than the original Gator, the advantage is a greater striking force with the stainless steel head.  Gator II provides incredible striking force, making it ideal for a range of camping, hunting, and other outdoor or around-the-house tasks.

Solid Grip Hatchet Handle

The hatchet handle is made of glass-filled nylon and covered in Gerber’s Gator texture. It offers a better and more comfortable grip in wet and muddy conditions. The camp hatchet handle also houses a coarse blade handsaw, held in place magnetically, for sawing branches and brush. It’s a best axe rugged and lightweight camping essential. Chop firewood quickly and efficiently, or saw limbs to improve shooting lanes with this best camping hatchet.

Gerber Gator Axe II Review

Long handle for greater striking force and maximized grip

Forged steel head for strong, rugged performance and retained edge

Glass-filled nylon handle for a secure grip

Axe overall length: 15.16 inches; blade length 2.7 inches

Includes ballistic nylon sheath

The long lightweight handle provides maximum striking force, making this axe perfect for any outdoor trek.

Pull the 10-inch saw from the axe handle to cut shrubs, tree limbs, and branches.

Forged Steel Head for Edge Retention. The Gator II has a 3-inch forged steel head for great edge retention, and it’s sharp and ready to go right out of the box. To protect the blade from wear and tear, the Gator II comes with a durable ballistic nylon sheath.

The Gator II has an overall length of 15.6 inches, with a blade length of 2.7 inches, and only weighs 2.26 ounces for comfortable handling and portability. The inserted saw has an overall length of 10.24 inches, blade length of 6.1 inches, and weighs 2.4 ounces.

What’s in the Box
Gerber 22-41420 Gator Axe II with internal saw and nylon sheath.

Featuring forged steel, and a rugged all-weather handle, this two-in-one axe and saw comes with a ballistic nylon sheath, and makes a great addition for the outdoorsman.

Customer Reviews

which is good because the rubber/plastic retainer that securely keeps the saw …

 on June 10, 2016
Have not tried it out in the field yet but…”as received” it is mostly of very high quality. The magnetic saw blade “catch” is stronger than I thought it would be, which is good because the rubber/plastic retainer that securely keeps the saw in the handle is of good design but I question it’s durability, but it’s just a question. The saw blade was extremely sharp but I work in a manufacturing environment and I do not know yet if the sharpness was due to the fact that it had not been deburred. For those that do not know…a “burr” is metal that did not ‘peel’ completely off when being cut (machined) and clings on..same as you see on the edge of a piece of wood when you cut it with a saw, especially against the grain. You use sandpaper or a file to break-off those splinters (burrs). If “extreme” sharpness is because it was not deburred you can minus one star. The ax blade was “just” sharp, not a bad thing at all, but I was easily able to make it RAZOR sharp and I feel it will hold up. I will come back and update this after I use it while camping/hiking/backyard work,etc., etc. Given my experience I do not think I will have to, sometimes you just know quality…and in this case great value.

Nice sharp axe!

 on May 1, 2015
By thatOneguy
When I first received my gerber axe I was supprised, as to how sharp it came. I thought wow this must be some high quality steel, but when I went to look for what type of steel was in the axe, there was no steel type to be found on the axe or at the manufacturers website. I finally got over it, but that didn’t change the fact that when I received the axe the area around the axe head was very sloppy. By this I mean the steel was not ground and smoothed out, and the plastic molding was not trimmed. But just like the deal with the steel I got over it when I put the axe to work. First thing I did was cut a log that was about 3/4′ in diameter and that took no time at all then I used the prunning saw to remove all the branches which also went very quickly, due to the aggresive teeth on the saw. but then I ran into a problem. I could not split logs with this axe very easy, which is expected with how light the axe is. Then just to prove how sharp this axe is I choked up to just the head ( which felt like it was made for that ) then made feather sticks with ease. Then took the pruning saw and since the spine is 90° I was able use it with my ferro rod and start a fire. (It flung sparks great.) So if you are looking for a cheap but high functioning hatchet this is it, even though it may not look to pretty.

Awesome Axe

 on December 10, 2012
By Six
I researched this axe and saw many videos on youtube. My friend wanted an axe and saw for her bug out bag and I was trying to save as much space in her bag. I found this. The axe fits in the handle. I personally experimented with this. The saw is held in with pressure and a small strong magnet at the end of the handle of the axe and a rubber cover that also keeps it in but will not fall out. The small axe looks small like a long butter knife but do not let that fool you. Damn this thing is sharp and does saw wood really fast. Long wicked teeth and works really well. The axe itself is a strong type of kydex plastic type handle and is strong with a sharp blade. Oh it chops really well, I tried it and chopped some branches and pine for fire wood. Not a bad price and it comes with a really good quality holster, with a belt loop and velcro and button. Well made over all, I may buy one for me.

Well made utility axe

One person found this helpful.
 on May 6, 2013
By M.H.
I am part of a search and rescue group and was looking for a good utility axe to carry in my gear bag. I found this Gerber and wanted to test it out.

… used this axe (really more of a hatchet) a good bit this year to clear brush and remove trees

 on October 8, 2014
By YourNameHere
I’ve used this axe (really more of a hatchet) a good bit this year to clear brush and remove trees. While it’s not a proper axe, per say, even the smallest axe can bring down the greatest oak with enough swings. Though I’m not sure I’d suggest it for anything much above six inches in diameter. Holds the edge rather well and comes “sharp enough” from factory. You can but a finer edge on it ofcourse if you like.

Worked well for my camping situations…

 on July 19, 2014
By Arnell
I really like this ax. It’s a great small lightweight ax that works well in camping situations. It’s small enough to put in my backpack, but still can get through a 12″ log pretty quickly. I haven’t used the saw, but I imagine it will do the job as well. As some have mentioned the weight was fine for me and head configuration as well. I had no issue using this ax. The build quality was sufficient for what I was using this for and I feel like I can give it much more abuse.

Excellent Tool

 on October 24, 2017
By Yukoner
Had a friend who had one, used his then decided I have to have one, and here it is. User friendly, as described and is just the right length for camp use. Would recommend to anyone that asks.