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Estwing Special Edition Sportsman’s Axe is the choice of outdoorsmen everywhere. Both the head and handle of the axe are forged in 1-piece and hand polished to a beautiful finish. This classic Estwing campers axe 14 offers unsurpassed balance and temper. It's genuine leather handle is sanded and lacquered for a durable yet comfortable feel. The Estwing sportsman axe includes a rugged ballistic nylon sheath with belt loop so it can always have your tool close at hand. It has a tempered 3-1/4 in. cutting edge for easy cutting. A must for all campers and outdoorsman alike! Estwing Axes are proudly forged in the in USA using the finest American steel. Please always wear eye protection while using this tool.

Customer Reviews

Before and After

 on January 4, 2016
By Dustin
After receiving this I decided to do as one of the other reviewers said and sand off the varnish on the handle with 100 grit sand paper. I then rubbed Neatsfoot oil on it over the course of about three days. I probably put on about 20-30 coats, so it takes some patience. The results where totally worth it though. I’ll add some before and after pictures but the real difference is in how it feels. The handle isn’t nearly as slick and feels much more comfortable in my hand.

This is the real deal!

 on December 31, 2012
By A. Swenson
I don’t write many reviews but this little gem deserves one. Proudly made in the USA since 1923, this is the same fine tool your granddad bought, with the same high quality forging and rugged leather grip. Properly used and cared for it will stand up to several lifetimes of hard use. I recently bought a spare from Amazon and this review is based on that item.

This one is going to last me a long time.

 on June 18, 2015
By Dave Westlake
I purchased this after my last scout camp out where I realized my old hatchet head was loose from the handle. Instead of trying to hammer in some nails or wedges to tighten it up, I chose to purchase a new hatchet. I researched several hatchets but I kept coming back to this one. I loved the fact the head and handle were one piece. There is no way for the head to become loose and eventually come off.

12" Hatchet Pretty Cool – Wish Sheath was Made in USA

 on September 21, 2017
By Brian C.
After going camping I was in the market for a hatchet. I was drawn to this one primarily because it was made in the USA. I had gone back and forth about getting the 14″ vs. 12″ but didnt have much to base that decision on, which is what I will primarily try to address in this review. The 14″ silver hatchet is available at home depot for about the same price as amazon, but for my purposes (vines, kindling, easy transport) it felt a little too big. I ordered the 12″ and think it will work well for what I intend to do. I had originally questioned what the 12″ actually meant (top of blade to bottom of handle) and if the blade would be the same size on both but just with a shorter handle (no). I’d say the 14″ would be better for splitting logs and chopping moderate diameter branches. See the attached pictures.

A Man’s Axe

 on March 20, 2016
By Christopher Martin
Take it every-time I camp. A tad heavy for light weight backpacking but trust me, you want that extra weight when it comes to chopping wood. Has great form and if you have smaller hands you can double hand chop. I recommend wearing gloves to prevent blisters during long chopping periods. If the axe is too dull when you get it, which it normally is, grab a stone or a grinder and sharpen it up. Holds an edge for 10-15 uses.

Estwing E24A vs. Fiskars X7…

 on September 16, 2015
By kandoro
This comparison review is certainly not too scientific, but does contain some pure objective facts.


 on July 21, 2016
By Jonathan B. Hall
I love this hatchet. The leather handle has held up well for me so far…what a nice, classic look it has, too. I’ve sharpened it several times and it holds an edge nicely. I have split quite a lot of kindling with it (mostly ash, also hemlock for outdoor use). I was kind of hoping for the old USA-made leather sheath, but the nylon one is very solid. As a former Boy Scout and adult Scouter, I am pleased as I can be with this item. Never handle a tool like this without training, and always handle it carefully and safely. (Sorry, I had to add that!)

Solid, attractive hatchet

 on October 27, 2017
By Matt Burns
This is a solid, attractive hatchet that feels good in the hand and does a good job cutting into small trees and logs. The blade didn’t come quite as sharp as I’d like, but a few passes on a sharpening stone fixed that quickly enough. The handle might be a bit slick but works fine as long as your hands aren’t wet. I might take the suggestion of another reviewer and sand off the lacquer to rough up the leather and then treat it with neatsfoot oil. My one complaint is the sheath. While it’s pretty sturdy nylon and works fine for what it is, I don’t really like that you have to pass the handle of the hatchet through the sheath. It’s a bit of a hassle, and I’d much prefer if the sheath could be removed from the top of the axe.

Great hatchet for the price.

 on April 21, 2017
By fredstev
Well balanced hatchet that serves my needs well. I use it for knocking small limbs off of firewood and hammering wedges in while using a chainsaw to fell or cut up trees. I did as another reviewer did, sand off the varnish (or lacquer) on the handle, and soak it with Fiebing’s neatsfoot oil. Much better grip and easier on my aging hands. Stays sharp, and when the time comes, easy to touch up the cutting edge with a Arkansas stone.