Council Tool Velvicut 2lb Premium Hudson Bay Axe with Sheath

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Council Tool Velvicut 2lb Premium Hudson Bay Axe with Sheath is a shape and size ideal for camping, hunting or hiking expeditions.

The Hudson Bay is small enough to pack and carry yet big enough to get the job done. Two pound head plus handle combines for an overall tool weight of approximately 2-3/4 lbs. The 19-inch hickory handle (before assembly) is produced from a blank selected for grain orientation and density, making it strong.

Our handle pattern features a prominent grip and a slim body that allows the handle to flex a bit, improving its ergonomics. OAL length of finished tool is +-18″. A sharp axe is a safe axe as it is less likely to glance out of the cut. Be assured that this axe has been hand honed by our skilled Council Tool craftsmen and is ready to use – but is shaped with enough thickness to split campfire wood. All components are MADE IN USA. Head will last a lifetime, we guarantee it. Forged from 5160 grade alloy steel. “Council” is displayed on one side of the head, and the other is proudly marked “USA”. Bit is heat treated and quenched approximately 1″ inch from the cutting edge, then tempered for maximum edge holding and toughness. Final hardness Rc 52-56. Handle is made of grade “A” American hickory and its traditional pattern embodies the heirloom quality of axes from times gone by. Forged axe head is hung in a traditional manner using a softwood wedge along with a round steel wedge for added security.

Axe head is coated with light oil to prevent rusting and to showcase the exceptional Council Tool craftsmanship. A Linseed oil coating is applied to protect the handle. Premium leather sheath protects the tool and user and features a buckle for fastening, a belt slit and an embossed logo. Like its companion axe, the sheath is MADE IN USA

Customer Reviews

Fantastic Product

 on February 26, 2014
By Joshua Ramirez
-Solid, sturdy construction.

Quality, bulletproof Axe. New length too short for two handed use. Don’t expect perfection.

 on May 15, 2015
By Joe
Excellent quality, but don’t expect perfection. At the price, I was expecting near perfect fit/finish, but that is not how it comes. Heel was a bit out of line with rest of the bit, and plenty of belt marks and other slight asymmetries. Functionally, these imperfections are insignificant. Came more than adequately sharp, but not shaving. Had to take a file to flatten the bevel and then finish with a stone. Also, the handle is too short for my taste. Overall length is 17 1/4″ (shorter than picture 22″). If you’re planning on one hand use, this is absolutely perfect, and the handle swells just right to fill the palm (swings like 28 oz Estwing hammer). Two handed use is still possible, but I want more power, so I will probably make a new handle (overall 24″). Cutting power is surprisingly good, bites deeper cross grain into hardwood than my machetes. I can beaver chew through 2-3″ maple in four accurate chops. Splits as great as it looks like it would. Hudson Bay pattern provides for excellent small carving work (far and away prefer carving with this over my husqvarna carpenter’s axe, also chops deeper than Husq. Carpenter’s despite thicker velvicut bit). Could easily use this to fashion handles, spatulas, bows, or any other bushcraft needs. Sheath is a bit thinner than expected, but still sufficient. It hangs from my belt just fine (get used to the weight after 5-10 minutes walking). Overall excellent axe. Hard to beat 5150 steel. Just don’t expect aesthetic perfection, and know that it’s new shorter length handle is not conducive to two-handed use or a winter overnight. With a longer handle, I think this will be my favorite axe.

U.S.A. made piece of beautiful hardworking tough art

 on August 22, 2014
By uncle logan
I have been drooling over this axe forever.

Totally worth the money

 on April 27, 2015
By Patrick
I can’t say enough good things about this axe! Cuts threw live live trees like butter and even aged oak and hickory are no problem for it

nice head.

 on October 23, 2014
By bud
nice head…fair-to-better edge…the less than 5 star rating relates to the wood of the handle….It is a mixture of dark center wood and “less-than-center”light wood..(.At least the grain is correct forward to back!)

great camp or bushcraft axe

 on June 22, 2015
By daniel hatfield
I took the axe out as soon as I got it and coming from someone who has used an axe all his life let me tell you BUY THIS AXE the edge angle is perfect just needs a little touch up work and it’s good to go the 5160 is a great steel for this axe you will not be sorry

Excellence in craftsmanship

 on August 1, 2016
By the_pacific
This axe is perfect. Oh, and just so you know – this is the same company that make axes for BestMadeCo.