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Cold Steel Tomahawk Review

If you’re looking for a finished product out of the box experience then you’ll probably be a bit let down with the Cold Steel Trail Hawk, but, if  you’re searching for a great bargain price on a Tomahawk  you can personalize then this hawk is for you!

Cold Steel Trail Hawk Modifications

Cold Steel Trail Hawk American Hickory Handle arrived the head was loose and only held in place by the use of a friction screw (note Tomahawk purists abhor the use of a screw to fasten the blade head to the handle, but I digress)  The Hawk’s American Hickory Handle finish on the handle is very plain Jane, mass produced,  but functional.  As for the Tomahawk head, it’s solidly made of decent steel, but the black paint coating hides the heads true potential.

Easy Cold Steel Hawk Mods

In order to give your woodsman buddies Tomahawk envy you’ll need introduce your Trail Hawk to a few minutes on the wheel to strip the paint from the hawk’s head and then soak overnight in a vinegar bath. The result is a beautiful patina on Tomahawk’s steel blade.  Next, cleanup the eye with a file for a couple of minutes.  Finally, if you want a blade you can shave with, and who doesn’t, then grab your Arkansas Sharpening Stones and go fifteen minutes on  both a medium stone and fine stone for a razors edge.

Get a Handle on Things

As for the CS Trail Hawk Hickory handle, I stripped the finish with 150 grit sandpaper and gave it a couple coats of stain and then lacquer.  The end result of the Cold Steel Trail Hawk makeover is you’ll be the proud owner of a great looking Tomahawk!

How to use a Cold Steel Trail Hawk – A woodsman practical guide to the Cold Steel Hawk

Additional Information: Cold Steel Trail Hawk American Hickory Handle: Modeled after an early frontier pattern, Cold Steel Hawk can do it all. It’s an excellent chopper and has a functional hammer poll with a hardened face so you can drives nails, hammer in stakes, and smash or crush just about anything. Best of all Cold Steel Trail Hawk American Hickory Handle is extremely lightweight and compact so it’s a cinch to tuck it under your belt or lash it to a pack or shooting bag.


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Customer Reviews

Proper tomahawk use tutorial/informative review… they’re meant to be loose!

360 people found this helpful.
 on December 28, 2012
By McJoe
I almost rated this one star just to get people to read my review… this is REALLY long, but I love to share my passions, so if you have some time, grab a snack, and enjoy the read :)

Easy to throw

 on June 22, 2017
By Amazon Customer
It works well, I like the longer handle, I think it is easier to learn with. The nice long handle makes it easy to see what position it is in when it hits the target. Three rotations to the target is quite a long distance. The allen wrench set screw makes it easy to replace handles. If you are learning I recommend purchasing some spare handles. 2-3 hours of throwing chewed through two handles (while I was learning) The weight makes it stick in the target better than lighter tomahawks. Once I got relatively good at throwing I switched from this to my short handled Fast Hawk SOG. Just my preference, you may think differently.

Great tomahawk for the price!

 on May 28, 2017
By .
Admittedly, this is the only tomahawk I’ve ever owned. However it has far exceeded my expectations and has become a constant companion when I work outside. I bought it mainly to take on an annual primitive camping trip, and while I will definitely take it on that trip, the utility of this tomahawk has me carrying while doing work around the house.

Better than most

 on April 15, 2013
By Kindle Customer
I got this last week (April 2013) and I noticed that there was a loose fit with the hawk to the handle, and the cutting edge needed sharpening. First I removed the set screw and threw it away. Next I worked on removing material so that the hawk fit the handle better. That didn’t take long. After sharpening the edge with 3 different diamond sharpening stones, course, medium and fine, I quickly decided to do like several other owners have done, that I have seen on YouTube, to remove the black paint and smooth the hawks finish, then apply a patina to protect it from rust. First I used some spray on paint remover and let it set for about 30 minutes on each side. The paint easily wiped off with just a couple of paper towels. Next I used a small hand grinder to remove the casting marks on the metal. That was followed by filing with the file from my Leatherman Wave. Finally I placed the hawk in a dish with white vinegar and left it for about 5-6 hours. I removed it from the vinegar, rinsed it with water and dried it off. I had a nice looking tomahawk that I think is an improvement over the factory Cold Steel Trail Hawk.

When they come in the mail they are pretty rough. When mine arrived they had hammed the …

 on May 10, 2016
By natsmith77
I gave this 4 starts only because they really need work to shine. When they come in the mail they are pretty rough. When mine arrived they had hammed the head on so hard that the steel had bit deep into the handle. On the bright side it didn’t move, but on the downside it looked terrible.

Good Price, Good Product

2 people found this helpful.
 on March 22, 2016
By Amazon Customer
Bought 3 of these for Boy Scout tomahawk throwing event and were used continuously all day and none of them broke. To get good results you must remove the set screw that secures the metal axe head to the wood handle and throw it away. You must also grind sharp edges smooth on the inside of the head so it will not dig into the wood handle and damage or break it when it hits the target. Recommend this product when these suggestions are implemented. Not my idea, advice I read as a comment on a previous rating.

This is a great deal for the money

8 people found this helpful.
 on September 15, 2015
By Anthony Owen
This is a great deal for the money. Like most people I took mine apart and redid everything,, NOT because I had to, because I wanted too. Now the edge was not up to my standards, but I like my edges to be mirror sharp that can take a layer of skin, which mine can now do! I shortened my handle and took off the coating, charred it then sanded it down just enough and polished it with beeswax. stripped the paint and took a file to any casting edges and rounded and polished it up after a forced patina, then a good beeswax polish… honestly wont find anything better at this price. I highly suggest getting one if you are looking even if its for your first one to get a feel for what you want. put two pictures of the mods. only took an hour and it was fun for me… the only other thing I would do for future one is soak handle in turpentine over night. but this is fine for now

Outstanding in every way…

 on April 20, 2017
By Troy Brodsky
I use this as a teaching tool for kids on an Overland Trails course at Stuhr Museum, in Nebraska. It’s fun to throw, with a great balance and nice feel, and is a certified beast when it comes to abuse – don’t let the fact that it’s less expensive fool you, it’s not a lack of quality. I find the flat hind end to be vastly more useful than a pick – there are lots of nails to be popped into place.

I love this thing

 on September 23, 2015
By Majordani3l
Hear me out, I’ve been using Amazon for years and I’ve bought hundreds of items. In all that time I have only left reviews on maybe 5-10 items. I only leave reviews when I am truly truly disappointed (to warn others) or truly truly impressed. I love this thing. This is a very cool throwing axe, and in addition to that an utility axe. I know it’s not advertised as an utility axe, and I’m guessing the company would advise against using it as a utility axe just so that they don’t have to deal with it when you break it using it for something it wasn’t designed for. That being said, it is an axe and it works as an axe.

Great hawk!

2 people found this helpful.
 on October 26, 2014
By Calden
Okay. So most of the one star reviews i see for this are from idiots that dont know simple things like set screws are bad of that heads should be loose on shafts. Pay them little heed, as this tomahawk is pretty great. It has basically the same practicality as the riflemans hawk, at the weight and speed if the frontier hawk. I personally use with a slightly shorter handle for throwing, and the head shows little if not any signs of wear. Highly recommend it for camping/hiking packs. Another great piece by Cold Steel