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Amazon Price: $122.85 $122.85 (as of December 17, 2017 7:27 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Small Hunting Axe

Who would benefit from owning one of the best hunting axes, the Wetterlings Small Hunters Axe?  Anyone who wants a full size hatchet for all the work around the house, the farm and the camp, this is a great choice. Small enough to be carried on the belt, but big enough to do the job with ease. The proportions of the Wetterlings Hunters Axe handle to the head makes it ideal to keep by your fire place for kindling.

 Wetterlings Small Hunters Axe
Wetterlings Hunting Hand-Forged Axes are finely-balanced and functional hunting axes

Best Hand Forged Axe

Made in Sweden by skilled hands.  Each axe tool  is made with 127 years of skill and knowledge. The small hunters axe is extremely handy, well balanced capable of field dressing, cutting, wood splitting and cleaving, chopping tasks, and superior at smaller tasks, even whittling and carving wood. The slow hand forged steel is tempered to 59HRC, as hard as many a good knife. Wetterlings axes are free from paint and grinding, carefully hardened, sharpened by hand and polished until they shine. They turn their handles from American Hickory in their own wood workshop, too.

Wetterlings has been hand forging axes in Sweden since 1882, and their tools are of the highest quality available. The small hunting axe is powerful and compact. It has a slightly over-sized axe head and short handle, which makes it very handy and dexterous. Bring this Swedish Hunters Axe on your hunting trip to be well prepared for surviving in the wild. Use the polished poll to skin your kill.
To slowly hand forge an axe takes true craftsmanship and decades to learn the craft to perfection. The process starts with first-rate Swedish carbon steel being slowly forged by skilled Wetterlings blacksmiths. Wetterlings forging hammers have been used every day since 1917 and are still the preferred method to reach the best result. No afterwork is needed to correct mistakes or adjust the shape, and they proudly leave small hammer marks that prove these quality tools are hand forged.

S.A. Wetterlings Axes – Small Hunters Axe: Model SAW-16H. 15″ overall. 6″ axe head with 3 1/4″ cutting edge. American hickory handle with lanyard hole. Weighs 1.5 pounds. Leather blade cover with belt loop included. Made in Sweden.

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Customer Reviews


 on August 17, 2017
By Big-nut2013
Really decent small axe or hatchet for the money, its a good backpacking one. It was a little too heavy for me but if I was going to get it for car camping or something along those lines I think it would fit the bill. Prefect for making kindling at camp or at home.

Great axe

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 on July 11, 2012
By R. Dale
Just received small hunting axe and it looks great. Unfinished look to it, but I planned on oiling the handle and blade. Leather blade cover has been conditioned and looks very nice. Handle butt does not have a hole drilled for cord or strap to secure to, but I think I can handle that task. Very happy with purchase

Just recieved… very impressed. You can …

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 on November 21, 2016
Just recieved… very impressed. You can truly feel that you are holding a quality tool. It arrive exactly as advertised. I’ve owned G.B axes as well and this is a very high quality axe with a very keen edge. Can’t wait to use it.

This has got to be my current favorite axe/hatchet. The grain on the one I received …

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 on July 15, 2015
By Kyle Wright
This has got to be my current favorite axe/hatchet. The grain on the one I received was not that good though (around 45 degrees). Everything else is superb. It is small enough the I can pack it in all my packs and can use it to whittle and carve. Its is large enough to split most things I need to while out and about. I prefer this over my Granfors Bruks Wilderness Hatchet.

Great Axe

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 on October 23, 2013
By Mark M.
This is a great little axe for cutting tree branches and splitting kindling. It is durable and feels balanced. I’m sure it will last a long time with a little coating of oil and care for the sheath. The weight of it helps with knocking off tree limbs and it is not too heavy or long. I didn’t want to spend so much for a hand axe but I can see that other reviewers are right. Quality is worth the extra dollars.

Five Stars

 on September 7, 2017
By Frankie Ortiz
Awesome tool to have to clear brush after a storm.

Very Sweet…..

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 on January 29, 2013
By Whitebone
Very well made axe, head and handle. The small leather blade cover is adequate but the leather strap that holds it on it too short. This is not enough to take away a star. The edge needs to be honed to get the grind burrs off and I will follow the provided instructions for doing this. You won’t regret buying this fine tool.

Five Stars

 on September 6, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Excellent quality.

Five Stars

 on October 28, 2017
By gary k.
YES You know nice

Excellent hatchet I love it so I decided to keep …

 on July 20, 2015
By creeper79
I purchased the small hunter axe but instead I received the backcountry hatchet! Excellent hatchet I love it so I decided to keep the hatchet!